Pharmaceutical investment promotion companies can only improve themselves if they understand themselves

In the opinion of medical professionals, the pharmaceutical marketing industry in China has entered the “post-investment era.” In the “post-investment era,” what pharmaceutical companies should do, how to do it, and how to go more smoothly on the road to investment promotion, Become a series of issues that cannot be avoided and must be considered calmly. The medical agent commissioner pointed out that in the pharmaceutical investment industry, its own pharmaceutical investment enterprise is not a purses company, but wants to continue to grow and develop, and that kind of strength; pharmaceutical investment promotion company marketing is not simply looking at the immediate interests, but will Short-term interests and long-term interests are organically combined; dealers do not have to worry about sales, after-sales, and service, and pharmaceutical investment-seeking companies will consider various distributors. This will establish the basis for integrity between the two parties.

For the current pharmaceutical investment enterprises on the market, it is undoubtedly a good business management method to accurately position a certain market segment when it is impossible to achieve a large and comprehensive investment pattern. At the same time, given the important role of current pharmaceutical exhibitions, pharmaceutical investment promotion companies can also use their own market or channel development needs to take advantage of the opportunity of a trade attraction in a certain place to conduct local product promotion, business negotiation, forum communication, and wine reception seminars for local customers. , instructor training, etc., can also be targeted to the development of a region or a channel of customers.

According to pharmaceutical agents, the scope of investment promotion depends on the fact that pharmaceutical investment promotion companies must clearly understand their internal resources when investing, rather than empty-hearted. Everyone wants to expand their sales area. It is best to recruit businesses to recruit Taiwan. In the understanding of pharmaceutical investment advertisements, many pharmaceutical investment companies do not have regional restrictions. Such a large-scale dissemination of nets generally brings such consequences: that is, some areas have more transactions, some areas have fewer transactions, and a large number of “chicken ribs” are formed. "Markets" are not worth investing in, not investing in and being very available, and the final result is often that they do not invest in market support, causing the market to die a lot, and once the market is ruined, it will have to pay an extremely high price if it wants to weigh heavily.

When China's pharmaceutical investment industry develops into a new industry context, the country's new healthcare reform affects the lifeline of the entire industry, focusing on the basic pharmaceutical system, commercial distribution of essential drugs, clinical bidding, follow-up of medical insurance and agricultural insurance, and reform of public hospitals. Changes in the industry made the whole industry turbulent for a time, and a large number of enterprises continuously adjusted and followed up, carried out resource allocation and policy interpretation in their respective regional markets and fields, and continuously improved their core competitiveness.

The pharmaceutical agent stated that the medical investment promotion service is fundamental. If you do not pay attention to service, then everything cannot be as perfect as you think. No matter whether it is telemarketing skills or skills, the team has a good impression of the image of the pharmaceutical investment company, the details of the contract, the perfection of the dealer database, the skills of the pharmaceutical investment advertisement, the budget of the pharmaceutical investment, the service of the dealer. And many other key aspects of investment are indispensable.

For pharmaceutical agents, a good pharmaceutical investment planning company must be an excellent marketing planner. Making enterprises and dealers make money at the same time is the greatest success in planning. Therefore, in the planning of pharmaceutical investment, how to make dealers make money is the most important. This is done well, and many things that follow will become a matter of course. It is gratifying that most companies still operate the market in a win-win attitude.

However, many pharmaceutical investment promotion companies place their hopes on marketing promotion on investment promotion. They hope that they will not be able to sell their products. Also, bad luck can result in heavy losses. With dealers getting more and more "fine", if you say it is too hyped, the general dealers will not easily believe that how to make dealers believe that how to make our own bottomed out, depends on the manufacturer's model market test With the establishment, all languages ​​may be false, and only the facts are credible.

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