Wen Hao: We must attach great importance to agricultural production, especially grain production, next year

Securities Times Network December 27th Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing today. Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wen Jiabao pointed out that the situation faced by macroeconomic regulation and control next year is complex and severe. In particular, downward pressures on economic growth coexist with upward pressure on prices, and doing a good job in agriculture and rural areas is of special significance.

Wen Jiabao said that for the next year's agricultural production, especially grain production, all localities and departments must attach great importance to it, truly do not paralyze the thinking, policies do not diminish, work is not slack, investment has increased, to ensure that another bumper harvest. Under the new circumstances, leading cadres at all levels should be good at grasping the laws of agricultural and rural development and continuously improve their ability and level of work in the "three rural" areas. We must always respect the wishes of the peasants, and even if it is to do good things for the farmers, we must allow the peasants to have a process of understanding and accepting them. Do not pursue a uniform and one-step approach. In carrying out various tasks in the countryside, it is necessary not only to reflect the wishes of the majority but also to fully consider the special circumstances and reasonable demands of the minority. We must pay more attention to safeguarding farmers' rights and interests in land, property, employment, social security, and public services, pay more attention to expanding the scope of self-governance by villagers, and improve the township governance mechanism that is compatible with the continuous improvement of farmers' awareness of political participation. We must work hard to understand the people’s situation and understand the true situation in the countryside and the real ideas of the people so that decisions and work can be more realistic. In doing anything in rural areas, we must adhere to the policy and the legal bottom line. In particular, new comrades engaged in the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” must pay close attention to systematically studying rural policies and laws, understand the course of rural reform, and the evolution of rural systems and policies so as to grasp as soon as possible. Rural work essentials.

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