The reception destroyed the brains of teenage teenagers

If a teenage boy is fiercely drinking, he will find it difficult to remember recent information. Teenagers who do not drink will not have this problem. A recent study also found that during the special period of brain development, teenage boys and girls drink alcohol, which exposes the brain to the effects of poisoning substances. Researchers say that the biggest difference between a love-drinking and a non-drinking teenager is the difference in memory ability. The teenager who loves to drink does not remember the details of what happened recently. The researchers studied 33 teenagers aged 15 and 16 who were drinking alcohol and found 24 teenagers who never drank as a control group. The connection of the nervous system is usually completed at the age of 16. This phase is a very important stage of brain development. If you drink a lot of alcohol during this period, you can cause permanent damage to the brain function of the juvenile. It will hinder the normal effect of their education and will deprive them of a good job.