Seed storage ten bogey

A bogey high temperature: With the increase of seed temperature, its respiration is also increasing, when the seed temperature exceeds 40 °C, it is very easy to damage. Second, bogey moisture is too large: the higher the seed moisture content, the greater the respiratory intensity, the corresponding consumption of nutrients is also more, and ultimately lead to weaker emergence after sowing. Seed moisture is too large, and it is also prone to seed mildew. Third, avoid toxic gases: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic gases emitted by the toxic seeds will cause seed quality. Four bogey smoke smoke: long-term small smoked seeds will only reduce the germination rate and germination potential, but also affect the disease resistance of the future seedlings. Five bogey plastic bag loading species: plastic bag is not air-permeable, long-term seed dressing will cause the seed to stop breathing, reduce the germination rate and germination potential, but also will make the more moisture seeds have mildew. Six bogey vapors: Place the seeds in a place with large vapors will cause the seeds to deteriorate. Seven bogey direct contact with the ground: Whether using sacks or other containers loaded, can not be placed directly on the ground, so as not to dampen the seeds. Eight bogey cold and sudden heat: The hot and cold can easily lead to physiological disorders of the seeds. Therefore, if the seeds are stored outdoors, do not go to the warm house after being frozen; don't get outside the seeds in the warm house. Frozen. Nine refrain from X-ray, gamma ray, and ultraviolet radiation; these rays can cause chromosome aberrations and gene mutations. After they are irradiated, the genetic material of the seeds will be damaged, resulting in the loss of some good traits. Ten bogey rain, snow and wet seeds stored outside the cliff, beware of rain and snow, so as to avoid mildew.