Peach storage technology

Some varieties of peach are mature in the high temperature season in summer, and their recoverable maturity and edible maturity are achieved at the same time. In addition, the fruit is soft and juicy, and has poor storage resistance. However, there is a great difference in the tolerance between the varieties, and the peaches are the poorest in terms of storage tolerance, and can only be stored for about 1 week, while late-maturing varieties such as peaches, winter peaches, and Qingzhou peaches are more resistant to storage. Peach prone to problems during storage are: over-matured softening, rot caused by germs, and cold injury. The main technical measures adopted in production are: Pre-chilled fruit immediately after harvest: Immerse the fruit in cold water of 0.5 to 1°C for 30 to 40 minutes or cool with cold air. Preservative treatment: Use Benzlite 10010↑(-6)~100010↑(-6) and 45010↑(-6)~90010↑(-6) dichloronitroaniline mixed solution. Temperature change treatment: Peach is treated with variable temperature during storage, which can reduce the incidence of cold damage and thus prolong the storage period of peach fruit. Atmosphere storage: peaches are stored at 0.5~0°C, 1% oxygen and 5% carbon dioxide gas, and the effect is good.