White storks can be preserved

Eggs are not easy to preserve in warmer seasons. The use of ash mixture to store fresh eggs can guarantee the shelf life of fresh eggs more than 10 months. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Select eggs. Choose fresh and complete eggs for storage. Second, ingredients. For every 1000 fresh eggs, 0.1 kg whitefish, 0.15 kg right cream, 5 kg lime, and 94 kg of clean tap water. Third, the specific operation. 1 The appropriate amount of white peony and gypsum were crushed, sieved into powder and mixed well. The large pieces of lime were then crushed to the residue, dissolved in 14 kilograms of water, dissolved in 12 hours, and the remaining 80 kilograms of clean water was used to filter the lime water across the screen to remove the residue. Stir the lime water with a stick and pour the mixed powder of white peony and gypsum into the jar while agitating, until the powder is completely dissolved, wait until the water whirls out of the foam and taste astringent. After 10 minutes, the mixed liquid is naturally clarified and can be used to store eggs. 2 Eggs that float on the surface of the tank and appear to be floating like eggs should not be stored and should be removed immediately. After the eggs are all put into the tank, the water slowly forms a thin layer of natural shell; it can isolate the outside air and has a sealing effect. 3 The tank full of eggs should be placed in a cool and airy room and covered with a lid to prevent dust from falling in, but leave a ventilation gap. Eggs are flipped once every 10 days to prevent eggs sticking to each other. If the water surface of the shell is not solid, or smell of lime, indicating that the mixture may be deteriorating, should be about 25 grams of gypsum, white peony dissolved into a liquid into the cylinder. If you still cannot change the above conditions, remove the eggs in time and reconstitute the mixture.