How to make pickles

Raw materials: cabbage, radish, pepper, celery, cucumber, beans, lettuce, etc. Ingredients: salt, ginger, pepper, fennel, rice wine and so on. Appliances: Sichuan pickle altar. Kimchi salt brine preparation method: the boiling water to cool, add salt (about 80 grams of salt per kilogram of water), until the salt is completely dissolved, into the appropriate amount of ingredients, pour into the kimchi altar (the brine was flooded into the jar of 3/5 Appropriate), until the brine is completely cooled, then add the raw materials. Method: The raw material is cut into strips (blocks) and marinated. The dishes should be filled, leaving as few gaps as possible, with the liquid level near the mouth of the altar, and the salt water inundating the vegetables is appropriate. Put cold water in the sink around the altar mouth, buckle up the bowl, put it in a cool place, soak in the tasty flavor and serve.