Longan stewed duck

Ingredients and Functions Longan: Appetizing Yipi, Buxin Changzhi; Carrots: Jianwei helps digestion, kidney diuresis; Lettuce: Detoxification, swelling and Sanjie; Ginger onion: Jianwei, solution, pass milk, diuresis; : Cool, eyesight, Pinggan.

First cut the bamboo shoots into segments, and then cut them into balls. Cook the bamboo shoots and carrot balls in the water. Then stew the packed ducks in a pot and stew it. Cook the scallions and ginger. In a pot, put a half-pot of water in a saucepan and put it in a duck. At the same time, add spices, cooking wine, and salt. Then add a little cinnamon, star anise, longan, and onion ginger into the pot and stew for 10 minutes. The oil is cooked and poured on duck meat. This longan stewed duck can be eaten.

In the herbal diets we introduce, there is often a blinding drug, namely, astragalus and northerners called Beijiao. In many traditional medical records, there is a record of this herb. The pharmacological analysis of modern medicine suggests that astragalus is beneficial to the immune system. Astragalus also contains an antiviral ingredient.