Does brewing milk powder increase nutrition?

Some babies are born with poor constitutions, such as preterm infants, heart disease, septicemia, etc. Parents will make every effort to compensate. In addition to purchasing all kinds of noble drugs and nutritious foods, they will directly supplement their diets. It is also one of the most common. However, unreasonable eating formulas are often counterproductive.

The concentration of various electrolytes, sugars, fats or proteins in the human body must be kept constant, especially electrolytes. If there is a slight mistake, serious diseases will occur in the body.

The human body has a natural control system to regulate the concentration. For example, if a restaurant has a heavy taste (too much seasoning) or eats too much salty food, the subconscious will drink some boiled water to dilute it. Similarly, after eating too much light food, Another thought is to taste some salty food.

Adults and older children have the self-selective ability to eat, drink and drink, so they do not suffer from electrolyte imbalance due to improper diet. However, all diets of infants and young children are controlled and supplied by adults. They are small in size, and their ability to adjust to change is not as great. Children who are on the spot, if they are forcibly eating foods with formula errors for a long time, the impact will be great.

The brewing method of any brand of milk powder has its own certain rules. It is too pale (less watery milk powder) or too thick (watery milk powder is too much) to aim at water and can only be consumed for a short period of time (if diarrhea is a little thin, constipation It will be a little thicker; but whether it is thin or thick, problems will occur after eating for a long time.

There are indeed many clinical infants and young children due to diarrhea, but have long been changed to eat diluted milk, resulting in systemic convulsions and coma, after the examination found that the lack of sodium in their blood (also known as hyponatremia or water intoxication ). In this case, the pediatrician should participate in the consultation. If you can reduce the amount of milk you eat, or increase your sports drink, or change your baby's milk, don't use diluted milk for too long.

A normal spoonful of milk powder is prepared by adding 30 ml of milk into white water (some brands of milk powder is a spoonful of milk powder plus 60 ml of boiled water). Its concentration is moderate, but if it is soup (or chicken soup, bone soup) To brew milk powder, the same volume of milk, both containing the concentration of broth, coupled with the concentration of milk powder, the concentration is equivalent to doubled, as if to add double salt (condiment) of the soup or directly to drink concentrated chicken fine Infants and young children are detrimental to blood and kidneys after long-term and high-volume consumption of such high-concentration milk, so parents must act with caution.