Electric farming tools use eight attention

How to safely use electric farm implements and how to avoid personal injury accidents is a problem that needs to be solved in rural areas. The author believes that the following 8 points should be noted: (1) The metal housing of the electric agricultural implement must have a reliable grounding device or a temporary grounding device to avoid the occurrence of personal electric shock accidents. (2) When moving an electric agricultural implement, it is necessary to turn off the power in advance and it must not be moved with power. (3) The power supply lines for the electric agricultural implements must be installed in accordance with the rules for electricity use. If the farm implement is far away from the power supply, a double knife switch and a capacitor breaker should be installed separately near the farm implement so that the power can be quickly cut off in the event of an accident. (4) The fault of the electric farm machinery needs to be turned off for maintenance and cannot be live. At the same time, warning signs such as “Forbidden closing” and “Someone working” should be hoisted, or guards should be sent to prevent accidental closing of the knife. (5) Agricultural machinery using single-phase motors must be equipped with low-voltage electric shock protectors and should always be sensitive and reliable. In this way, the power can be automatically cut off in the event of an accident, so that the electric shocker can get out of danger. (6) Agricultural machinery that has not been used for a long time or damp should be commissioned before being put into normal operation. If it does not operate after being powered on, it must be immediately powered off to prevent the burning of agricultural machinery and endangering personal safety. (7) Agricultural machinery operators must strengthen their awareness of safety precautions and strictly implement operating procedures. In the operation, insulation shoes should be worn, do not wipe the electrical equipment with hands and a damp cloth, and do not hang clothes on the wires. (8) In the event of an electrical fire, it is necessary to immediately pull the brakes. Do not use water-splashing methods to prevent the transmission of electricity or electricity before the power failure. If someone gets an electric shock, cut off the power immediately and save someone. If the knife is far away from the electric shock, you can use electric insulators such as wooden sticks to pick the electric wire away. You must not drag the electric shocker by hand. Otherwise, the tractor will get an electric shock. China Agricultural Network Editor