Six Methods for Energy Saving of Agricultural Diesel Engines

First, raise the temperature of diesel engine cooling water The temperature of agricultural diesel engine is generally lower than 45 °C, which makes the diesel engine completely incombustible. The viscosity of the oil is large, which increases the running resistance and therefore consumes more oil. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the diesel engine cooling water. The second is to ensure that the optimal angle of advanced fuel supply advance angle of the 195 diesel engine is 16" to 20". When the diesel engine is used for a period of time, due to the wear of the plunger parts and the injection pump automatic parts, the fuel supply advance angle will be reduced, the fuel supply time will be too late, and the fuel consumption will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the fuel supply advance angle is at the optimum angle. The third is to ensure that the machine does not leak oil. The diesel engine oil pipe often has oil leakage due to uneven joints, gasket deformation or damage. The solution is: 1 The gasket is coated with a valve paint on the glass plate to flatten, and the tubing connector can be calibrated. 2 Add diesel recovery device. Instead of a hollow screw, a bicycle spoke cap can be used, or a plastic pipe can be used to connect the return pipe on the nozzle to the hollow screw so that the return oil flows into the tank. Fourth, more than half of the malfunctions of the diesel engine before the oil is used are from the oil supply system. The solution is: 1 Buy back the diesel oil and leave the sediment for 2 to 4 days before re-use. It can deposit 98% of impurities. 2 If you buy it now, place two layers of silk or toilet paper on the fuel tank strainer so that impurities can be filtered off. Fifth, changing the practice of “big horse-drawn cars” The common phenomenon of “large machines with small pumps” on wells is actually a waste of energy. The improved method is: appropriately increase the number of diesel engine pulleys, increase the speed of the pump in the case of diesel lower speed operation, and increase the flow and lift shaft power to achieve energy saving goals. The sixth is to adjust the injection pressure of the injector. The injection pressure of the 195 diesel injector is 12O+5 dry support/cm2. When the injection pressure is less than IO0 kg/cm2, the fuel consumption increases by IO~20 g/kWh. The pressure on the injection pump can be checked or adjusted directly with a comparison method. China Agricultural Network Editor