Research on High-efficient Utilization Technology of Oysters and Low-value Catfish

The project was completed by Jiangnan University and Zhejiang Haitong Food Group. In the research of high efficient use technology of oysters, the preparation technology of oyster nutrition oral liquid was studied by using the tricky solution technology, and the oyster shell crushed and tableting technology was studied using ultrafine grinding technology. On this basis, the oyster nutrition was taken orally. Pilot study on two products of liquid and oyster ultra-micro-calcium tablets; in the research of high-efficient utilization of low-value squid, the technology research of crispy squid slices, the use of enzymolysis technology and the production of amino acid nutrient oral liquids from carp off-cuts The research, the use of enzymolysis technology and the research on the production of semi-fluid high energy foods from squid off-cuts, and the use of flavors and nutrient preservation technologies for the deep processing of low-value surimi, and on this basis, the microwave crispy eel fillets, Pilot study on three products of semi-liquid high energy foods and amino acid nutritional oral liquids. At present, some of the technologies have been industrialized and have produced significant economic benefits.