Citrus snow antifreeze technology

Since early winter, the weather in northern Hunan has been very good. According to meteorological experts' analysis and prediction, this winter, I will encounter severe cold weather. In order to do a good job in the safe winter management of citrus, it reminded the majority of fruit farmers to make preparations in advance. The citrus anti-snow anti-freezing technology was specifically introduced for your reference.

First, shake snow, snow and snow: timely shake the snow, the tree plate snow piled up to the accumulation of the crown, avoid radiation cooling, reduce cold damage, prevent the crown was snow pressure.

The second is the heating of smoke: the heating of fumigation smoke can increase the temperature in the garden by more than 2C, and the antifreeze effect is very obvious. The method is to draw materials locally, accumulate weeds in the orange orchard, and leave the branches and leaves as smoked stacks (2 or 3 piles per acre) in the evening to ignite smoke, block the cooling of the ground and the canopy, and reduce the degree of frost. However, strict precautions must be taken to prevent fires.

The third is recovery after freezing:

1, remove the snow, fixed wounded branches. In case of thick snow covered citrus branches, the snow on the canopy should be shaken off in time to avoid crushing the branches. To tear the trunk (branches), timely support back in place, and in the wound evenly coated with wax, and then wrapped with a film about 2cm wide and good. When the snow melts, pay attention to drainage and stain prevention.

2, Yang Yang irrigation, loose soil insulation. When the ice and snow melt, the drainage can prevent stains, which can make the roots absorb oxygen and ventilate. After thawing, the irrigation is still positive, which can reduce the degree of freezing damage to citrus. When the temperature has improved, we immediately loosen the soil under the canopy to keep the ground hot and raise the soil temperature. This will prompt the citrus to regain its vitality.

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