Standard operation and precautions for ozone detection and ozone gas detection tubes

Standard operation and precautions for ozone detection and ozone gas detection tubes

The concentration of ozone in air is ppm or mg/m3; the concentration of ozone in water is ppm or mg/L. Conversion method: 1 ppm = 2 mg / m3 in air; 1 ppm = 1 mg / L in water.
Ozone can cause environmental pollution when it reaches a certain concentration in the atmosphere. China stipulates that in the living environment, when the ozone concentration exceeds 0.15mg/m3, it constitutes air pollution; in the workplace, when the ozone concentration exceeds 0.2mg/m3, it constitutes pollution.

When the concentration of ozone in the air reaches 0.01-0.02 mg/m3, one can smell it.

When disinfecting the production workshops of food factories, pharmaceutical factories and cosmetics factories, when the cleanliness of the workshop is less than 300,000, the concentration of ozone in the air can reach 10-20 mg/m3, and it should be sealed for 30 minutes; If it is necessary to disinfect the equipment and articles already in the workshop, the ozone concentration needs to reach 20-30mg/m3; if it is to disinfect the workshop with 100,000 class, 10,000 class and partial hundred cleanliness, the ozone concentration must reach 30- 100mg/m3. When the packaging material is subjected to ozone fumigation, the concentration of ozone in the air in the disinfection room/cabinet is generally between 50 and 200 mg/m3; when ozone water is immersed and disinfected for aquatic products such as sashimi and shrimp, the ozone concentration in the water is It is generally between 0.8 and 1.0 ppm.

1. Detection tool

1.1 Vacuum sampler (100ml) (Storage: QC physical and chemical room refrigerator)

1.2 gas detection tube (concentration range is available for 2-50ppm, 0.3-10mg/m3, 0.05-0.6ppm, 0.05-1ppm, 5-50ppm, 20-200ppm, 50-500ppm) (Storage: QA office locker )

1.3 stopwatch

2. Detection method

2.1 Check if the vacuum sampler handle is at zero position, and the handle sampling mark red dot is aligned with the sampler cylinder sampling mark line. If no, restore the zero position and align the handle sampling mark red point with the sampler cylinder sampling line.

2.3 Insert the gas detection tube outlet end into the sampler inlet and plug it tightly. 2.2 Before the measurement, insert the gas detection tube seal into the round hole on the front side of the sampler, and cut off the outlet end of the detection tube and the inlet end of the inlet end. Check the opening of the head and open it, otherwise it will be cut off again.

2.4 The air inlet of the measuring tube is received to measure the air, the handle of the sampler is pulled to the second gear position, and the front and rear pulls are performed once. The stopwatch is observed, and the intake time is controlled for 2 to 3 minutes (0.6 to 0.9 mm/sec). 100ml.

2.5 The indicator color (blue color → white) in the tube to be tested is terminated, the detection tube is removed, and the ozone concentration is read from the white column to the scale.

2.6 Return the vacuum sampler handle to zero position.

3. Precautions

3.1 The ozone gas detection tube should be stored in a dark place. Check the color of the indicator before use. It should be blue, such as discoloration, and should not be used.

3.2 Operators should practice controlling the intake speed (2 to 3 minutes, handle speed 0.6 to 0.9 mm/sec) before use to ensure reliable test results.

3.3 Sampling personnel should wear a gas mask to prevent ozone poisoning during sampling.

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