How to master the fuel consumption and maintenance of the modified transport tractor

In addition to the driver's driving skills, the most important thing is to change the transport tractor in normal driving. The most important thing is that the rescuers and maintenance personnel provide timely maintenance so that the tractor will always maintain a good technical condition to reduce fuel consumption. the goal of. The author is based on many years of experience in tractor coaching and maintenance. Talk about my point of view on the reasons for the excessive fuel consumption of the tractor, for reference by colleagues. ?

First, the cylinder pressure and fuel consumption: the greater the cylinder pressure. The faster the mixture burns, the faster the burning rate can increase engine power and lower fuel consumption. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder pressure should reach more than 75% of the standard. In order to make the engine work smoothly, the pressure difference between the cylinders does not exceed 5% of the average value. When the engine is in operation, the cylinder pressure will decrease with the wear of cylinders, pistons, piston rings, and valves, and the fuel consumption will gradually increase. and so. When the cylinder pressure decreases or the pressure difference between the cylinders exceeds the specified value, valve grinding, piston ring replacement, etc. should be performed according to the specific conditions.

Second, the transmission and fuel consumption: the adjustment of the various components of the transmission and lubrication conditions will directly affect the fuel consumption. Abnormal noise and overheating of any component in the driveline will cause loss of engine power. For example, the slip of the clutch not only causes the clutch assembly to heat and is damaged, but also means the loss of fuel. Any abnormal sounds, such as transmissions, drive axles, etc., indicate that the gears or shafts encountered undue resistance during operation. In addition, the excessive use of gear oil viscosity will also increase fuel consumption, so strengthening the maintenance and repair of the drive train is an important way to reduce fuel consumption.

Third, the brake adjustment and fuel consumption: brake adjustments. The sensitivity and reliability of the brakes must be ensured. At the same time, it should also be possible to release the brake quickly, without dragging and “bite”. This is both a need for fuel economy. It is also a guarantee of safe driving.

In this regard, when adjusting the maintenance, the brake clearance should be maintained properly, not too large or too small. Greases should always be added to the active connection area. This is extremely beneficial for braking sensitivity and avoiding drag and “bite” when the brake is released.

Fourth, the technical status of the driving device and fuel consumption: wheel bearings adjusted too tight, will increase the wheel rotation resistance; too loose, will make the wheels skew, swinging during travel, increase driving resistance. Only with proper adjustment can the wheels run easily, improve the taxiing performance of the car, and save fuel. In addition, improper positioning of the front wheels will also increase fuel consumption. If the toe value is too large or too small, the front wheel of the tractor will be unstable during driving. Both accelerate tire wear and increase resistance to movement. Also, when the tire pressure is low, the contact surface between the tire and the road surface increases. Increased rolling resistance will inevitably affect fuel consumption.

In summary, to save fuel, the tractor must have a good technical condition. In summary, there are three aspects. First, the engine should have good dynamics and economy: Second, the transmission system must have a higher transmission efficiency; Third, the tractor must have good gliding performance.


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