Do not eat eggs when the baby is hot

When the baby is feverish, the parents make him recover as soon as possible to provide nutrition to the weak baby, so that he will eat some nutritious meals. Of course, the diet will increase the number of eggs. In fact, this is not only detrimental to the recovery of the body, but it will damage the health of the body.

We often have this feeling that the body temperature after meals is slightly higher than before meals. This is mainly due to food oxidative decomposition in the body, in addition to the food itself emits heat, the food also stimulates the body to produce some extra calories, this effect is called a special dynamic effect of food in medicine. The specific dynamic effects of the three kinds of heat-generating nutrients required by the human body are different. For example, fat can increase basal metabolism by 3%-4%, carbohydrate (sugar) can increase by 5%-6%, and protein can be up to 15%-30. %.

Therefore, when eating a large number of eggs rich in protein when fever, not only can not reduce body temperature, but the body heat increases, prompting the baby's body temperature rise more, it is not conducive to early recovery of children.

The correct way to care is to encourage the baby to drink warm water, eat more fruits, vegetables and low protein foods, it is best not to eat eggs.
Source: China Children's Network