Ten measures to improve the survival rate of puppies

1, well-prepared pregnant bitches. Bitches are born about 62 days after gestation, and a variety of animal and plant feeds should be given fresh, high quality, good palatability, and comprehensive nutrition within 30 days before delivery.

2. Strengthen the nutritional status of nursing bitches. Feed the bitches fresh and high-quality, easily digestible animal and plant feeds to ensure the bitches' milk is adequate.

3, eat fresh food. Zizi generally begin to replenish food in about 25 days, choose millet porridge with milk, pork ribs and chicken bone Tonga millet, etc. After fine processing, cooked.

4, to feed litter dogs to the right amount. Zitong has a small gastrointestinal volume and should be fed with small meals. Usually, it can feed 3 to 4 times a day.

5, pay attention to cold and summer. Poultry temperature regulation ability is poor, and the juvenile kennel uses a semi-circular iron net made of coarse iron tendons. In the winter, plastic film is placed on the iron frame to protect the wind and snow. In summer, the plastic film was removed, and the creeping plants such as grapes, pumpkins, gourds were used to shave the juveniles.

6, timely weaning points nest. Zizi generally weaned in about 45 days, weaning split litter when you choose the body to develop a good first split, weak, thin late weaning points nest.

7. Grasp the feeding and management of the pups in the early weaning period. After weaning, the puppies have a slow weight gain and must strengthen the nutrition and management of the weaned puppies. It is best to leave the milk without leaving the original house and continue to live in groups.

8, feed should be a reasonable formula. Chicken intestines, pigs, cattle, cockroaches, donkeys, horse lungs 50%, cornmeal 42%, wheat bran 5? 5%, salt 0? 5%, multi-vitamin 0? 5%, auxin 0? 5%.

9, to ensure clean water supply. Zizi must provide clean cold water in a timely manner, especially when the temperature is high in the late summer and early autumn in spring, and drinking water must be supplied in time every day. The sink should be brushed once a day.

10, prevention and treatment of diseases. The bitch should be thoroughly sterilized before farrowing and the litters should be covered with soft, clean grass. When puppies are eating and weaning, they must pay special attention to environmental health and timely deworming and vaccination.

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