Scientific name Eragrostis pilosa (L.) Beauv. It is a grass annual herb. Alias ​​star grass, embroidered grass. Distributed throughout the country. The main damage is cotton, soybeans, fruit trees, and vegetables.

Morphological characteristics of tussock, sheath smooth or sheath growth hairy, leaf sheath ridge; leaf narrow, ligule tongue with a ring of short-fiber hair. Panicles develop slightly, villous between branches; spikelets oblong, 3-14 flowers. Caryopsis oblong, yellow-brown, long 7-8mm, width 4-5mm.

Ecological characteristics The grass is like moist and fertile soil. The seeds are small but many in quantity. They spread in the field by the wind and are often mixed in dry land crops or cotton fields. Cotton fields in Henan Province emerged in early May. The first peak occurred in late May and the entire plant withered from June to October. Shanghai area seeds matured in July-October. The seeds produced in July will still germinate from September to October. If they mature after October, they will dormancy. They will emerge in mid-late and late April and peak in the middle and late May. In September, they The second peak appeared. Heilongjiang appeared in the middle and early May, and the second batch of seedlings appeared in the middle and early July, and flowered in the middle and early August.

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