Tortoise shell glue

Name: Tortoise shell glue Category: Tonic Pinyin: GUI JIA JIAO
Latin: Colla Carapacis et Plastri Testudinis
Aliases: turtle gum, turtle gum, turtle paste Medicinal area: Crust medicinal properties: for the square flat, about 2.6cm, width 2.5cm, thickness of about 0.8cm, brown slightly green, above the old The yellow oil has a slightly "brownhead" of porcupine, which is visible to the light, transparent and clean as amber. Hard quality. Crisp and transparent are preferred.
Cultivation points:
Origin: Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan harvest processing: collected when slaughtered. Carapace is made of plastic pieces.
The history of the tunnel:
Tropism of taste: flat; sweet, salty; return to heart by the function Indications: Ziyin, blood, stop bleeding. For yin deficiency blood loss, labor heat bone steam, vomiting blood, blood stasis, Fanre convulsions, kidney back pain, weak knees, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge.
Usage and dosage: Oral: deuteration, 5 ~ 15g.
Contraindications: The stomach is cold and banned.

Standardized Extract