Solanum nigrum

Scientific name Solanum nigrum L. An annual herb of Solanaceae. Alias ​​wild grape, Tianbao bean and so on. Distributed throughout the country. The main damage is cotton, beans, potatoes, melons and vegetables.

Morphological characteristics All seedlings are glabrous, cotyledons broadly lanceolate, primary leaves 1 and broadly ovate. Plant stems erect, branching, glabrous, plant height 30-100cm. Leaves alternately long-stalked; leaf blade ovate, entire or irregularly undulate-toothed, smooth or sparsely pilose on both surfaces. Umbrella cymes shortly beak-tailed, axillary exophytic, 4--10 flowers, corolla white, pedicels pendulous, calyx cupular, 5-lobed, lobes ovate-triangular, 5 stamens, tube mouth born in corolla . Berry spherical, black when mature. Seeds are flat and nearly ovate.

Ecological characteristics are born in farmland or wasteland. Solanum nigrum likes to be born in fertile slightly acidic to neutral soil, emerges from May to June, blossoms from July to August, matures from August to October, the seed is buried in the soil, grows new seedling after rain.

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