Aristolochia grandiflorum

Scientific name: Aristolochiadebilis

Alias: Big flower Aristolochia, Tianmuxiang, Star vine

Family: Aristolochiaceae, Aristolochia

Species: Perennial climbing herbs

Morphological characteristics:

The plants are weak and the whole plant is hairless. The root length, extending under the soil, sprouts new plants everywhere. The primary seedlings are dark purple. The stalks are fine and upright when they are first born, and then they entangle or rise. Leaves alternate. The flowers are solitary in the leafhoppers. The flowers are trumpet-shaped. The flowers are spherical and gradually form the upper and lower halves. The upper part is shorter than the lower part and expands into a cap shape. The lower part forms a trough-like moon shape with purple in the trough and white glandular hairs. The whole flower is purple and green, strange and beautiful. The capsule is nearly spherical, yellow-green, and the cap is ripe at maturity. The fruit ripening period is from September to October. Seeds are flat and triangular.

Ecological habits:

Native to Mexico, Japan also has. China's Yunnan, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan and other provinces (regions) can be open-field cultivation. Most of them are wild in the more humid and broad-leaved or coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests. They are often scattered in the countryside by the roadsides, forest margins, and shrubs, and cling to the trunks and rocks. Hi warm and humid environment, the suitable temperature is 18 ~ 28 °C. Strong, not cold. Hi light, slightly shade-tolerant. Resistance to thinness. Hi contains humus-rich sandy loam.

Garden use:

The flowers of Aristolochia fulgenia are unique and colorful. They should be planted in gardens to allow them to climb and serve as ground cover plants. They can also be used to climb low fences for vertical greening. Potted plastic frame for viewing, but also do not have some fun.


Aristolochi was named because of its shape, the Twelve Edges line was longitudinal, cracking six wings, and cough and asthma. Qingfei cough and asthma, for hyperactivity cough, sputum, breathlessness, hemoptysis, sputum

Sore throat embolism.

The crumb cultivation is also known as a beautiful Aristolochia a. Elegans, also known as pipe flower, is a perennial herb that climbs. Peanuts are in leaves, stems are slender, flowers are trumpet-shaped. Bending upwards, about 8-9cm long, the base is swollen, the middle is thin, the upper part is enlarged into a trumpet shape, lavender, with deep purple spots and markings, and the throat is dark purple and black, which is very beautiful.

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