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Myzus persicae Sulzer, also known as Myzus persicae Sulzer, is also known as Myzus persicae, Myzus persicae, and Myzus persicae. It is commonly referred to as an insect worm and a honey beetle. It is classified as Homoptera and Smilax. . Myzus persicae is a polyphagous pest that is widely distributed and has numerous hosts. In addition to cabbages and vegetables that are smooth and waxy, we can injure peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, tobacco, flowers, peaches, and plums. Plum, pear, apricot and other fruit trees.

The host vegetable worms are mainly harmful to cruciferous vegetables, radish and cabbage, which are oligophagous pests. The former tends to eat vegetables with leafy hairy, low-waxy cabbage, mustard, and radish, which occur frequently in southern China and often occur in combination with peach pods. This is the main dish in the region. The latter, like peach amaranth, prefers cabbage vegetables with smooth foliage and lots of wax, which are mostly distributed in the northwest, northwestern Inner Mongolia and the north-central northeast. In recent years, the occurrence and development of eastern China have also occurred.
Hazardous characteristics: The pods of adult nymphs cluster on the leaves of host nymphs, peduncles, seed pods, and other organs, and they secrete honeydew to cause soy disease, often causing yellowing, contracting, and even withering of the leaves, leaving the strains of the planting strains obstructed, or the pedicels distorting. Seed pod deformity, grain yield and quality decreased. What's more important is that it can also spread a variety of viral diseases. The harm caused by spreading the virus is often greater than the harm itself.
Morphological characteristics? Vegetable worm body oval, small body (more than 2 mm long) soft, body mostly green, but the body color will change with the season (sometimes was dark green, brown to red, etc.). The form of pupa is diverse, with wingless and winged females being common. The tentacles are slender and filiform with a sensory circle; there is a pair of ventral tubes on the abdomen and the end of the abdomen. The number of sensory circles, the shape and size of the ventral tube and tailpiece are important criteria for classification. The highest length of the belly tube of the peach aphid (more than twice as much as the tail piece); followed by radish, and the shortest (shorter than the tail piece). Peach pods are not covered with wax powder; radish pods are sometimes thin wax powder; and cabbage pods are markedly waxy throughout the body.
Living habits: The crops have a long history of generations (more than 10 generations to more than 20 generations per year in the North, 30 generations to more than 40 generations per year in South China), overlapped from generation to generation; Camp hermaphroditism or parthenogenetic reproduction (partial female reproduction in South China) The dish lice have seasonal migration habits on the host, especially in TaoXiao. The overwintering host is a woody plant (such as peach trees). The larvae enlarge the damage through the use of winged pelicans. If the proportion of dragonflies rises, it is a sign of the migration of the winged dragonfly to the peak of the fly. In the middle of the year, the spring and autumn bimodal peaks (or saddle-type) show up in the middle of the year; the winged type of the earthworm has strong tropism towards yellow and orange. The second is green, and there is a repellent reaction to silver grey; the temperature (18-25°C) and the dryness (relative humidity <75%) are most conducive to the breeding and activity of the rapeseed; the natural enemies have various ladybugs and food crickets. There are about 70 species such as flies, grasshoppers, scorpion mosquitoes, cockroaches, and cockroaches. Among them, the seasons of cockroach bees, food cockroaches, food flies, and cockroaches are long and the control ability is strong.
Control methods
1, pay attention to the protection and use of natural enemies.
2. Reasonable layout of vegetable fields; intercropping with high-stalk crops in accordance with local conditions; strengthening of fertilizer and water management to promote early growth of vegetable strains and enhance resistance to warts. Conditional use of silver film to avoid defects (around silver or silver film strips) and yellow board to induce lice (yellow plate oil applied to vegetable fields, 60 cm high) can reduce the density of aphids.
3. Strengthen forecasting and timely spraying and poisoning. Conditional monitoring should be carried out for dynamic monitoring of insects' mouth fluctuating and winged otters moving. When field locusts occur at the spotting stage, spraying alternately or 50% anti-influence 2 000 ~ 3 000 times liquid, or 4.5% beta-cypermethrin 2 500 ~ 3000 times, or 15% Le Bromine EC 2 000 ~ 3000 times, 1 or 2 times. For areas that are resistant to insecticides, 20% Confomed (Imidacloprid) concentrated solvent can be used, with 6-8ml or 35% Sadan oil 75-100ml/mu.
4, granules cure warts. When sowing, it is applied to the soil with 1% dimethoate or quebrachopane granules (15 kg/ha fine soil), and the residual period can reach 1 month. Provincial labor and effectiveness are good to protect natural enemies.

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