Treatment of lawn layer

For most lawns, the dead leaf layer is a problem worthy of attention in the management work. The dead leaves layer is like a layered fabric, which is located between the ground surface and green plants. It is composed of living or dead plant tissues. Its main components are lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. In the lawn, the dead leaves layer can be divided into two layers: the upper layer is the laterally growing stems and leaves and the just rotted plants, and the bottom is the bottom layer that is difficult to decompose like peat. Let's talk about the role of litter layer and its formation and treatment: First, the cause of the dead leaf layer: In general, organic matter is growing faster than the rate of microbial decomposition, so it accumulated. Second, the cumulative speed of dead leaves layer 1. According to the species or variety of turfgrass, the cumulative speed of the dead leaves layer is different. For example, if the vigorously growing Poa pratensis grows, the accumulation rate of the dead leaves is faster. In order to reduce these vigorous growth, the accumulation of dead leaf layers of a highly adaptable variety requires careful management. 2. The higher the clipping height, the faster the accumulated leaves. 3. The number of pruning is more, the slower the cumulative speed of the dead leaves layer. 4. The greater the amount of nitrogen applied, the faster the accumulation of dead leaves. Third, the role of the dead leaves layer A small amount of dead leaves layer actually has some advantages: it can reduce the evaporation of soil moisture; can reduce - the germination of annual weeds, can improve the turf elasticity and trampling ability, thereby improving the turf quality, etc. . However, the excessively thick layer of dead leaves is more than a disadvantage. 1. Too thick layer of dead leaves will reduce the ability of the lawn to resist heat, cold and drought, and reduce the adaptability of the lawn to environmental conditions. This is mainly because the temperature difference in the litter layer is larger than that in the soil, and most of the root systems of the turfgrass are concentrated in this layer of litter which has large temperature fluctuations. 2. Low water use efficiency. This is also due to the fact that roots are concentrated in layers of dead leaves that are larger than the soil gap and have poor water retention. 3. The dead leaf layer is the medium for the survival and reproduction of diseases and insect pests. Some fungi can live in the organic matter of the dead leaf layer for a long time. When the environmental conditions improve, these fungi can breed quickly and harm the plants. Some surface pests can survive in the dead leaves during the growing season or in winter. 4. The dead leaves layer can change the role of pesticides or reduce the toxicity of pesticides. For example, some pesticides that prevent earthworms cannot reach the soil because of the adsorption of the dead leaf layer, and thus do not have an insecticidal effect. 5. Reduce the nitrogen fertilizer efficiency, especially the high content of liquid fertilizer is easy to evaporate into the atmosphere. IV. Measures to reduce the dead leaf layer 1. Appropriate amount of nitrogen applied and proper pruning times. 2. The use of bactericidal agents should be compressed to the amount that has minimal effect on microbial activity. 3. Maintain the ph value of the dead leaf layer at 6.0-6.5 to facilitate microbial activity. 4. Create an environment conducive to microbial decomposition by applying holes, adding soil, and maintaining the appropriate concentration of nitrogen (25-100 ppm) in the dead leaves layer. 5. Select grass species or varieties with slow accumulation of dead leaves.

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