New Product Introduction ---- Danyu 68 Maize

Characteristics Spring sowing period in Liaoning Province is about 130 days (required ≥10°C effective accumulated temperature 2800°C), plant height 280cm, ear height 130cm (Summer sowing period 98 days, plant height about 210cm, ear height About 95 centimeters), the seedlings grow neatly and robustly, the spike length is about 26 cm, the ear is about 5.9 cm thick, the cob is white, the number of ear rows is 16-18, the hundred-grain weight is 45 grams, and the seed rate is 85%. Seed yellow half horse dentition, good rice quality, high resistance to large spot disease, Cercospora leaf spot disease, eye patch disease, strong lodging resistance, live stalks mature. Main cultivation techniques: The variety is a high culm and large panicle type, and the spring planting density is 2400-2600 plants/mu (36000-39000 plants/ha), which is suitable for clear-planting and inter-planting and planting than empty planting. Mushi farmyard fertilizer 3000 ~ 4000 kg, 10 kg of potassium fertilizer, 15 kg of diammonium. Top dressing urea 25~30 kg/mu is appropriate. Appropriate areas are suitable for planting in areas such as Liaoning Province, southern Jilin Province, Hebei Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, and Shanxi Province where Shendan No.7, Dan 413, and Dandan No. 13 are planted.

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