The effect of sugar on livestock

Treat livestock food and drug poisoning. Cows eat cassava or sorghum seedlings poisoning, it is desirable to brown sugar 500 grams, boiled water transfer service. In the early stage of livestock pesticide poisoning, sugar can be used for 10 grams of egg whites and eggs, and water can be used for transfer. Livestock salt poisoning, desirable sugar 120 grams - 250 grams, onion and Hu 2 Tianke smashed, boiled water. Governing the horse cow lung cough. Take 500 grams of rock sugar, tea 120 grams, research for the fine, boiled water, served 4 times. Take appropriate amounts of rock sugar, berberine and garlic, soak for 7 days and feed them in several batches. Treatment of horse cow enteritis: Take 90 grams of crystal sugar and white wine, mix thoroughly and feed. Treatment of female infertility. Put the appropriate amount of red pond into the pot and add steam, add appropriate amount of sugar, green onion and rice wine, or add appropriate amount of ginger, rice wine and Jianshui to serve, and even serve for 5 days to 7 days. Treatment of livestock dysentery. Red wolfberry can cure brown sugar 120 grams, 90 grams of hawthorn (fried), Jianshui fed. Treatment of white piglets can take 90 grams of brown sugar, 30 grams of earthworms, 60 grams of agrimony, Jianshui gavage, or take rock sugar 60 grams, 30 grams of Hawthorn, a bowl of sorghum (chaos coke), a total of research to fine, open water transfer service. Treatment of maternal postpartum paralysis. Take 500 grams of brown sugar and 500 grams of white wine, and add 60 ml to 120 ml of white wine. Treats livestock heat stroke. Take 200 grams of sugar, 30 grams of salt, water transfer service, or take sugar 90 grams -150 grams, raw milk 3 bowls -4 bowls, water transfer service. Treatment of sows lack of milk disease, take brown sugar, dried lotus leaves 120 grams, 30 grams of wood pass, the first lotus leaf, wood through the decoction, and then add brown sugar to the mother plug feeding service. Rule cattle stomach Deficiency. Take 500 grams of brown sugar, 60 grams of ginger (mashed), 200 milliliters of rice wine, mixed heating and gavage.

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