How to improve the cold resistance of vegetable seedlings

Seed treatment method of low temperature treatment, also known as frozen processing, is commonly used in melon and eggplant vegetables. The method is: soaking the seeds that will germinate after being soaked at a temperature of about 0°C for 1 to 2 days, and then sowing, can promote germination and enhance the cold resistance of the seedlings. Variable temperature treatment. The tomato or cucumber seed to be germinated is allowed to stand at a lower temperature of 1°C-5°C for 12-18 hours per day, and then transferred to a higher temperature of 18°C-22°C for 12-16 hours, thus repeated for several days. , Can significantly improve the cold resistance of vegetable seedlings, and speed up its growth and development. Low-temperature hardening seedling method 10 days before the planting of seedlings, strict control of watering, and gradually increase ventilation, the seedbed temperature dropped to 15 ~ 20 °C during the day, night (cucumber, pepper, eggplant, etc.) dropped to 5 ~ 10 °C (For vigorously growing tomato seedlings, it can be reduced to 1 to 5°C); Remove all coverings 3 to 4 days before colonization. In this way, the seedlings can be better adapted to the open environment after colonization, which will help shorten the seedling period and increase the survival rate.

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Electric Plate Warmer

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