Common silkworm disease prevention measures

After the occurrence of silkworm disease, the dead silkworms were picked out in time and put into the limestone tank, and then they were deeply buried. In order to strengthen the feeding and management of lifting the green batch, diligently eliminating silkworm sand, etc., according to different types of silkworm diseases, corresponding control measures were taken and controlled. The spread of silkworm disease. When diagnosed as a fungal disease, the stress U intensities were sterilized in silkworm silkworms, and they insisted on using anti-pointing powder once in the morning and using fresh lime powder once in the evening. The silkworm period can be used to smoke poisonous Wei (1 g/m3) closed doors and windows to smoke for 30 minutes. Can also be used 402 antibacterial agent dip net or spray body, 1-3 silkworm silk 500-700 times liquid immersion silkworm silkworm, dried directly after covering silkworm body, 4-5 instar silkworm 1500-2000 times direct spray body. When diagnosed as a viral disease, anti-pointing powder should be used once a day in the morning and silkworm silkworms should be thoroughly disinfected with fresh lime powder once in the evening. In addition, smoking silkworms (1 g/m3) smoked closed doors and windows for 30 minutes to prevent and treat blood-type pus. When it is diagnosed as a bacterial disease, in addition to the silk screen screens, Jamsil also sprays the silkworm flies 300 times every other day. When found pesticide poisoning, first identify the source of the poison, if it is caused by mulberry leaves, should immediately sprinkle fresh lime powder, open the doors and windows ventilation, net feeding fresh non-toxic mulberry leaves after the removal of sand; if the smell of outdoor pesticides drift into In the case of Jamsil, immediately close the doors and windows, or hang wet cloth wet curtains on doors and windows.

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