Causes and countermeasures of spring fish floating head

In the spring, there is plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and when the temperature is high, floating heads can easily occur. The symptom is that the fish feels difficulty in breathing and floats in the upper layer of the water. From time to time, the mouth stretches out of the water to soak up the air. When the floating head is severe, the fish will suffocate and die. This spring fish floating head is mostly caused by ammonia poisoning. Causes of ammonia poisoning: 1. The pond is aging and there is too much organic matter at the bottom of the pond. Decomposition of organic matter produces large amounts of ammonia, causing the fish to float. 2, excessive feeding, residual ammonia decomposition of feed, so that the concentration of ammonia in the water is too high, leading to fish floating head. 3, the pool water is too thin, less phytoplankton in the water. Since dissolved oxygen is mainly derived from the photosynthesis of phytoplankton and there are few phytoplankton, the dissolved oxygen is low, and ammonia nitrogen cannot be converted into non-toxic nitrite nitrogen by oxidation, thus causing ammonia poisoning due to accumulation in water. Moreover, phytoplankton absorbs ammonia nitrogen as its own nutrient and grows. The amount of phytoplankton is small and ammonia nitrogen cannot be effectively absorbed, resulting in ammonia nitrogen accumulation and ammonia poisoning. The methods of preventing and saving ammonia poisoning are as follows: 1. Regularly clean up the sludge and humus soil; 2. Properly feed and clean the bait in time; 3. When the fish floats due to ammonia poisoning, immediately inject new water and open oxygen. Machine, with "bottom net" 25 kg per acre Quanchip spill, adsorption of excess ammonia in water.


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