Jiangsu R & D deep processing shrimp crab shell technology

Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, a biological products Co., Ltd. developed a deep processing of shrimp and crab shell technology, the use of abundant coastal shrimp and crab shell resources using high-tech means to develop chitin and its derivatives.
Taking lobster as an example, the processed fresh shrimp head and shrimp shell contain about 20% protein and 5% chitin, and are separated by advanced biochemical technology. Each ton of shrimp head and shrimp shell can extract about 200 kilograms of protein and 50 kilograms. Chitin. 50 kg of chitin can produce 25 kg of glucosamine hydrochloride or 1000 boxes of the sixth essential health product (chitosan). This adds 350 times to the deep processing of shrimp shells.