Harvester custody ten essentials

Combine harvester has a short service life, long parking time, high cost and large fuselage. Therefore, in order to prolong service life, it is necessary to reduce malfunction during operation. After the summer harvesting operation, it is necessary to promptly apply fertilizer to the harvester according to the following methods. Good insurance management. First, cleaning: Wash the inside and outside of the harvester with water, clean the wrapped grass and other debris, remove the chain until the sludge is cleaned by soaking in diesel oil, then soak in oil for 5 minutes until 10 minutes. The butter is wrapped in kraft paper or plastic bags in a dry place. Second, storage: thoroughly clean the machine into the hangar, the inorganic library should be covered with rain, the sun's simple shed, with plastic bags of diesel oil, oil filling port, air filter, exhaust pipe bandage Enter with dust-proof soil. Third, put the net: After the engine is turned off, the oil in the oil pan is released while hot, and the diesel in the diesel engine is released. After the water temperature is lowered, the cooling water components such as the water tank and the body are opened and the cooling water is discharged. 4. Dismantling: Remove all the belts, wipe them, and inspect them for damage. Record the belt position mark, store the talcum powder hanging in the cool and ventilated place inside the hangar, and remove the main electrical appliances such as generators and headlights, and keep them properly. Remove the battery and store it indoors to charge it. Winter attention to thermal insulation. V. Inspection: Inspect worn and deformed parts, and focus on inspecting parts that have malfunctioned during operation and repair and replace them in time. Sixth, anti-corrosion: Harvesters often sun, rain, friction, collision, to prevent corrosion in time to paint or spray paint. Apply anti-corrosion oil or butter to adjustment bolts and safety clutch claws on the cutter. VII. Relax: Relax the springs of the parts to make them uncompressed. All parts of the hydraulic cylinder should be in the inoperative position. VIII. Lubrication: The requirement of the harvester's lubrication chart in the Qade plant is to thoroughly lubricate the components. IX. Custody: Harvester parks should be well protected. Monthly engine cylinder, to add a little oil, at least to crank the crank 1 to 2 times, the operation of the hydraulic handle dozens of times. 10. Lift up: Hold the jack firmly and use wood to lift it so that the front and rear wheels will be off the ground. The header and reel will be lowered to the lowest position and placed on the wood. China Agricultural Network Editor