Summer children should supplement zinc

In the hot summer, the body sweats more, and as the body loses a lot of zinc, the summer child needs more zinc than usual. Science has proved that zinc and zinc are the most indispensable in childhood. Zinc has important physiological functions, nutritional effects and clinical diagnosis and treatment. Zinc deficiency is recognized as a major problem affecting health. Zinc deficiency leads to loss of appetite, human immune function is affected, susceptible to various diseases, and poor zinc nutrition is also one of the main reasons for children’s poor intelligence and low learning ability.

In addition, the increase in daily height of children with zinc deficiency is significantly lower than that of children with good nutritional status. Then, how can summer children prevent zinc deficiency? On the one hand, it depends on the diet to adjust, such as eating more seafood and nuts.

In addition, it is also a good idea to eat supplemental zinc supplements. For example, Kangpu Lixing granules produced by Hubei Angel Group is a zinc supplement with high bioavailability. More than 90% of children who took the granules quickly disappeared and their height increased more quickly.
Source: China Children's Network