Heart people's daily diet

Everyone can't live without clothing, food, shelter, or heart disease, but it should be different from healthy people. Let's start with clothing. Modern clothing is not only a tool to protect the cold, but also one of the important symbols that reflect one's mental outlook, taste, and instrumentation.

From a medical point of view, heart patients should at least pay attention to the following two points: 1 First of all to keep warm, especially in the winter and twelfth lunar month is particularly important, many heart disease caused by the deterioration of people's illness, mainly with improper clothing, cooling caused by respiratory infections. However, patients should not be overly dressed or overly warm. This can cause sweating. They are also susceptible to cold when the cold wind blows. 2 They should wear clothing that is tight, and should not wear tights, especially tops and bottoms. The beating of the thorax and heart makes it difficult for the patient to breathe, affect the exchange of gas in the lungs, and increase hypoxia. Arterial stenosis, pheochromocytoma, primary aldosteronism, etc., are all likely to be cured through surgery. Young friends, if you have high blood pressure, don’t wait to see your doctor as soon as possible. Children so that because of treatment.

People with heart disease should generally have low-salt diets, especially those with poor heart function and edema in their lower extremities. In the cooking of food as far as possible to achieve the taste and taste, in order to stimulate the appetite of the patient, in the Qinshi should choose high protein and vitamin-digestible food, it is best to eat less food.

The accommodation for heart patients is best in a place where there is plenty of sunshine, fresh air and a quiet environment. Noisy and air pollution can affect the recovery of patients' sleep and physical strength. Given the current living conditions in our country, it is not easy to achieve these conditions, but we should create conditions as far as possible so that we do not sleep in wet, dark places, which is particularly important for patients with rheumatic heart disease. It is better for the patient to sleep on a hardboard bed than on a box spring or sofa bed because heart disease people may 156 do good home care for teenagers with heart disease.

Since heart disease is mostly a chronic disease, most patients rely on out-patient treatment. Therefore, how to do a good job in family care is very important in conjunction with medical treatment. In home care, in particular, pay attention to the following points:

(1) Having a heart attack, the patient's inner pain is self-evident. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly comfort the patient so that the patient can establish the confidence to overcome the disease. To guide and urge patients to take medications on time and in accordance with the amount, especially for digitalis and cardiac diuretic drugs, must be taken according to doctor's advice, can not be arbitrarily increased or decreased dose, so as not to affect the efficacy, causing toxic side effects and electrolyte imbalances. To be familiar with the common toxicity of digitalis, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, yellow vision, as well as a variety of arrhythmias, especially indoor premature beats. Once the above symptoms occur, immediately report to the doctor for timely treatment.

(2) to enhance physical fitness, to avoid catching a cold, pay attention to keep warm, local conditions are particularly important to prevent cold and moisture, because respiratory infections not only make the burden on the heart, but often a prelude to rheumatic fever, viral myocarditis. It is also the cause of infective endocarditis and it should be treated as soon as possible. In vivo, but the lesions such as caries, chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc., should be cured as soon as possible, annihilation of streptococcus comfort zone, which is very valuable for the prevention of rheumatic recurrence.

(3) Pay attention to work and rest at ordinary times to avoid strong physical labor and strenuous exercise, as over-exertion will increase the burden on the heart and even induce heart failure. Some patients with milder disease can do some activities and exercises that they can do to improve their heart function. Once symptoms of cardiac insufficiency occur, rest in bed until symptoms improve.

(4) diet should be light, appropriate increase in nutrition, heart failure, edema should be low salt diet, limit water intake.

(5) For young women with obvious cardiac insufficiency, they should be advised not to become pregnant as much as possible and actively adopt contraceptive measures. Once pregnant, abortion should be performed as soon as possible. For those who have strong compensatory function of the heart, those who are milder may still be pregnant, but must cooperate with the obstetricians and obstetricians to go through the pregnancy and strive for a smooth delivery to ensure the safety of the mother and child.