Soybean foliar fertilizer application note

Soybean foliar spray fertilizer has the advantages of less dosage, quick effect, high fertilizer efficiency and good effect, and has been widely popularized and applied in recent years. However, because some farmers erroneously believe that foliar spray fertilizer is “beneficial, harmless, and more beneficial”, there are problems such as the arbitrary selection of fertilizer types, the arbitrarily increased dosages, the random determination of the time for spraying fertilizers, and the random increase in the actual use, which not only affect the The effect of foliar spray fertilizer can sometimes cause different degrees of damage to the plant. Therefore, the implementation of foliar spray fertilizer on soybeans should pay attention to the following points:

(1) Fertilizer type. It depends on the seedling fertilizer: if the plant grows slowly, thin, short, and the leaf color is yellow, it belongs to nitrogen deficiency. The foliar spray fertilizer should be dominated by nitrogen, with a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; conversely, if the plant is tall and green, the internode Long, adequate nitrogen nutrition, foliar spray fertilizer should be replaced by phosphorus, potassium-based, can not be immutable.

(2) Fertilizer concentration. Different crops, at different times, have very different tolerances for different fertilizers. Fertilizer concentration is too high, often resulting in fertilizer damage leaves. Especially when the temperature is higher, the foliar spray fertilizer should be applied within the appropriate concentration range. In addition, in the seedling stage of the plant, the leaf tissue is young and the concentration of spray fertilizer should be appropriately lower. When there is a deficiency factor, the concentration should be appropriately higher; the concentration of sprayed trace element fertilizer should be lower, and the concentration of commonly used element fertilizers should be sprayed. It can be higher. Different foliar fertilizer, spraying concentration is generally: urea 0.5% -2.0%, superphosphate 1% -5%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2% - 0.5%, boric acid 0.1% -0.5%, 0.02% of ammonium molybdate - 0.05%, zinc sulfate 0.05% -0.2%.

(3) Spraying time. From the time of fertilizer application, it is generally best to spray fertilizer at the time of growth and later leaf area, which has the best effect. Spraying fertilizer when the leaf area of ​​the plant is small is not only a waste of fertilizer but also less effective. Molybdenum fertilizer should be sprayed before soybean flowering. Boron fertilizer and zinc fertilizer should be sprayed at the initial flowering stage of soybean. From the time of spraying the fertilizer, it should be dried on a cloudy day with no wind or sunny morning, and avoid spraying in the hot days of the hot sun. If there are drops of water or dew on the leaves during spraying, the concentration of fertilizer solution will be reduced and the effect of fertilizer application will not be achieved. If the fertilizer is sprayed at high temperatures in the hot sun, the air humidity is low, not only the fertilizer solution is evaporated and wasted, but also the fertilizer solution is quickly dried after spraying, the leaves are difficult to absorb, the utilization rate of the fertilizer is reduced, and sometimes the fertilizer solution on the blade is also used. The water evaporates too quickly and the concentration increases rapidly causing "burning leaves."

(4) Spraying times. Many farmers believe that the greater the number of foliar sprays, the better. In fact, sprays are generally applied 2-3 times, and each spray should generally be spaced more than 7-10 days. For trace element fertilizers, the spraying frequency should not be too high, and the concentration should not be too large, otherwise it will not only fail to increase the yield, but will cause trace element poisoning.

In addition to considering the above four factors, three points should also be noted. First, the amount of foliar fertilizer is small, but must be fully dissolved and stirred to spray; Second, the plant leaves less back horniness, more pores, easy to absorb, so leaves The surface spray fertilizer should be dominated by leaves and leaves, supplemented by foliar surfaces. Third, some foliar fertilizers can be mixed with fertilizers or pesticides. However, many can't be used arbitrarily. Otherwise, the fertilizer effect and efficacy will be affected, and sometimes the plants will also be affected. hurt.

The foliar fertilizers produced by our company are divided into four categories: The composite foliar fertilizers are based on agricultural ammonium molybdate and are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, boron, zinc, copper, and ammonium polyphosphates. Such as trace elements, mainly for soybean, wheat, rice, corn and other crops, spraying 60g per acre or liquid 300ml, water 25-30kg, so that the growth of lush crops, leaves rich, full of particles, can increase production by more than 20% .

Fertility foliar fertilizer: It is mainly applied to vegetables, fruits and vegetables. The content of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, molybdenum and ten kinds of trace elements in this kind of foliar fertilizer is relatively high. The main function is to provide various nutrient elements for crops and improve crops. The nutritional status, especially for the supplementation of various nutrients at the end of crop growth.

Plant type foliar fertilizer is mainly suitable for tea, tobacco, flowers, fruit trees, etc. This type of foliar fertilizer contains substances that regulate plant growth, such as auxin, ammonium polyphosphate, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, iron, boron and other ingredients. The main function is to regulate the growth and development of crops, so that the crop leaves are thick, rich, etc., suitable for use in the early stage of plant growth.

Bio-foliar fertilizer: This kind of foliar fertilizer contains microorganisms and metabolites, such as amino acids, nucleotides, and nucleic acids. The main function is to stimulate crop growth, promote crop metabolism, and reduce and prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.

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