The next two or three years will fully rectify the abuse of antibiotics

Reporter Chen Liyu Morning News reported that in Shanghai's upcoming medical reform program, strict control over the abuse of antibiotics is expected to be written.

In response to the problem of abuse of antibiotics, the Ministry of Health will launch a "National Antibacterial Drug Application Special Action Campaign" this year, and will draft the "Management Measures for Antibacterial Drugs in Medical Institutions" as soon as possible. The Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau is formulating a set of rules and regulations for the classification and management of antibiotics. In the next 2-3 years, Shanghai will fully rectify and standardize the use of antibiotics in medical institutions, and strive to make Shanghai the most standardized area for the use of antibiotics in all of China.

Under the condition that the antibiotic bottle is a Coke drink, the status of antibiotic abuse in Shanghai has reached an "astounding degree." Both doctors and patients are willing to use new, broad-spectrum antibiotics, which should have been used for serious infections and to save lives.

Du Wenmin, executive deputy director of the Shanghai Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring, revealed that among the top 10 drugs consumed, antibiotics such as cephradine, ceftriaxone, ciprofloxacin, and levofloxacin accounted for half of the country's total. In the Shanghai ADR monitoring database, more than half of the adverse drug reactions caused by antibiotics are caused by irrational drug use. “Some patients have a cold and a fever. They are penicillin, amoxicillin, roxithromycin, ofloxacin, etc. and do not read the instructions carefully.”

Insiders pointed out that the key to controlling the abuse of antibiotics is to manage the doctors. “Bacterial resistance is growing faster and faster. Clinicians must strictly monitor the indications for the use of antibiotics, or they will fall into a situation where there is no drug available.” Professor Ni Yuxing, Director of Department of Clinical Microbiology, Ruijin Hospital pointed out that the patient has an infection and the doctor Blood, urine, sputum and other samples must be taken for bacterial culture examination before use. However, in the actual clinical work, many doctors do not attach importance to this, relying on experience alone, that the general infection as long as the use of antibiotics pressure on it.

Many hospitals in this Municipality have conducted all-round intervention in the abuse of antibiotics. Ruijin Hospital classifies antibacterial drugs, formulates classification lists of antibiotics and list of doctors' rights. Patients who use second-line antibacterial drugs must complete the application form, signed by the medical staff at the attending doctor, and stamped by the Medical Service.

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