Hutchison Field Chicken

First of all, I will introduce you to the red and white chickens in the red blood. The raw materials used to make this dish are: hens, scorpions, and fields seven years.

Zongzi has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, benefiting sb. and eyesight, and improving longevity. Scorpion function Indications: Nourishing liver and kidney, benefits smart eyesight.

Tian Qi Indications: Sanyu stop bleeding, swelling and pain. Tian Qisheng can stop bleeding with blood circulation, and can also use blood and nourishing blood when cooked, so it is a good hemostatic drug.

In addition to these, the raw materials needed are fine pork, canola, and flour.

During the production process, first wash the hens in the boiling water pot and scoop them. After draining, remove the dumplings, Tianqi, onions and ginger into the chicken broth, pour into the broth, add pepper and pork. After the wine was steamed, it was steamed for about two hours. Bake pork and canola to make stuffed dumplings. When the chicken is steamed, put the cooked dumplings into the chicken soup. In this way, the medicinal diet of Hung Tien-chi-chi is ready.

Hung Hom Tin Chi Chicken applies to: the elderly, chronic illness deficiency, postpartum blood deficiency, diabetes.

The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Kailin Special Chef: There are three aspects to be noted when cooking this dish. First, in the selection of materials, we must choose more than three years of fat hens. Such chickens are not only of higher nutritional value, but also taste more delicious; the second choice of drugs should be soaked for more than half an hour; thirdly, During the preliminary processing, the pot-opening time should be more than three minutes, so that some of the chicken's blood-staining treatment is cleaner. The Chinese medicinal material and the hens have to reach two hours during the steaming process, so that the medicinal value and the umami taste of the hen can be fully dissolved in the soup.