Knowledge of safe use of power machinery

In agricultural production, farm machinery accidents that do not operate in accordance with agricultural safety operating procedures account for more than 60% of the total number of accidents. The occurrence of these accidents has caused undue losses to production and the economy and even caused casualties. Therefore, our safety management personnel must first strictly abide by safety-related operating procedures, conduct extensive public education, strengthen safety management, and ensure safe production. In the entire agricultural production accident, due to the high accident rate caused by incorrect operation of the power machinery, the safety start-up and safety precautions of the power machinery are mainly introduced here and are for reference only by the readers.
First, the safe start of power machinery At present, the power machinery commonly used in agricultural production has a tractor for moving operations and a diesel engine, a gasoline engine, and a motor for fixed operation.
1. Safety precautions before start-up of power machinery No matter which start-up method is used, attention must be paid before start-up:
(1) The tractor shift lever is placed in the neutral position.
(2) Is there cooling water?
(3) Whether there is lubricating oil.
(4) whether there is fuel.
(5) Do not add boiling water immediately before the start of winter season. Add 60~70°C warm water to preheat.
(6) Do not use open fire grills.
(7) For new or long-term unused motors, the insulation resistance shall be measured. Check whether the various parts of the motor are tightly fastened and whether the wire insulation is good.
2. Startup of Starter (1) A single-cylinder car starter should be loaded with a certain percentage of oil in the fuel and must not use pure gasoline.
(2) Do not start the rope around your hand to prevent the starter from reversing.
(3) The starter shall not operate for more than 15 minutes under full load, nor shall it work under overheating or overload.
(4) When the main engine is supplied with oil, it is forbidden to pull the reducer handle back to “slow”, and it is forbidden to inject gasoline to the main air intake pipe.
(5) During start-up, the starter crankshaft speed must not be changed by pulling the starter governor outer lever.
(6) Auto-disengagement mechanism When the engagement lever is engaged at the time of starting the main unit, it should be referred to the original locked position, and it is forbidden to manually press the engagement lever to forcibly prevent it from being disengaged.
(7) When the starter is running at a high speed, it is forbidden to use the magnetic motor button by hand to extinguish the vehicle.
3. Starting of the motor (1) The tractor that starts with the motor must first check whether the terminals of the battery and the starter motor are loose and each use must not exceed 20 seconds.
(2) The starting time of the starter motor must not exceed 5 seconds, and the interval should not be less than half a minute. If it fails to start three times in a row, check the reason and do not allow it to start continuously.
(3) Do not use a screwdriver or metal rod to start fire directly on the motor.
(4) When the power motor is started, when the power switch is turned on, if the motor rotor does not rotate or there is abnormal sound and other conditions, it shall be immediately checked and processed.
4. Hand cranking (1) When the temperature is low and starting is difficult, starting from the intake pipe is not allowed.
(2) Hold the handle with five fingers in close together.
(3) After starting, check whether the red indicator of the oil pressure indicator valve is raised or whether there is a reading on the oil pressure meter and listen to whether the diesel engine has abnormal sound. In addition to the above-mentioned several starting methods, no matter what type of tractor is generally not allowed to pull or landslide start.
Second, power machinery safety operation precautions
1. After the engine is started, it must be idling at a low and medium speed to avoid warming the throttle, and it must not be idle for a long time. When the water temperature rises to 40°C, the load can only be started at 60°C.
2. Before passing the power or starting, check the condition around the implement and confirm the safety and then start the horn again or transmit power.
3. The clutch must be separated quickly and thoroughly, and the joint must be stable.
4. Mounting a low-speed, small throttle for farm tools must be reliable. The farm tools that are attached should be parked in a flat place to prevent slipping when reversing. Operators should avoid hitting and crushing parts between the tractor and the implement.
5. When hanging agricultural implements, pull-up rods and left and right pull-down rods are fixed to prevent swaying.
6. When using the power output, the coupling between the PTO shaft and the rear agricultural implement is fastened to the shaft with a protective cover.
7. When using pulleys, the main and driven pulleys must be in the same plane and the drive belts must maintain proper tension.
8. When the joint rotates, it must be rotated at a low speed first. After all things are normal, the rotational speed can be increased.
9. The walking tractor should avoid lifting the handrail frame when rewinding, and the clutch brake handle should be stable and must not be started with a large throttle.
10. Tractors should avoid shifting gears on the slope.
11. When the tractor is transporting or empty, it is necessary to decelerate first, then use the clutch to disengage, and brake if necessary.
12. When towing farm implements or driving at high speed, it is forbidden to make a sharp turn. When the wheel tractor uses a differential lock, no steering is allowed.
13. Do not maintain or adjust the power running parts when they are working.

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