Winter Fruit Management Four Essentials

Technical content I. Under the clear tree. After the fruit is harvested, the dead branches, fallen leaves, rotten fruit, and weeds that have remained under the trees have become places where many germs and pests have passed their winter hideaways. Therefore, during this period, they should be thoroughly cleaned up by the organizers and burned in an orchard. High-temperature composting.
Second, turn the tree disk. In winter, there are many pests of fruit trees that have been overwintering in the soil, such as peach fruit borer, and Zaobu. To do this, before the earth is frozen, the soil under the trees is turned over (25 to 35 cm deep) so that the pests that have passed the winter in the soil are frozen or eaten by birds, and the pests on the surface or soil can also be turned over. Deep in the soil suffocated.
Third, scrape the bark. Mature fruit trees, rough bark, there are many cracks, rough skin tilt, these places are wintering places of pests, bacteria. Therefore, the winter bark bark can be concentrated to eliminate it, in order to reduce the population density of the next year and the initial infection of bacteria.
Fourth, coat the trunk. The whitening of the tree trunk after scraping is carried out. The specific prescriptions are: 10-12 parts of quicklime, 2 parts of clay, 36-40 parts of water, 2 parts of lime sulfur concentrate stock solution or 5 parts of raw liquid residue, 1-2 parts of salt, first Lime with water, filter out the slag, pour the salt into the salt, then pour the lime sulfur mixture and clay, stir the trunk and the main branch after coating, the amount of coating is not downstream.

Name: spicy fish sauce

Specifications: 180g

Shelf life: 12 months

Ingredients: vegetable oil, bean paste, pepper, salt, ginger, garlic, blue pepper, white sugar, Chicken Seasoning, spices, soybean meal, pepper, pepper, starch and so on.

Storage: Store at room temperature, protected from light, and refrigerate after opening the bag.

Fish Seasoning

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