Precautions for disassembling the injector

1. Injector Because of long-term high temperature and high pressure gas impact environment, the carbon deposition corrosion is more serious, and it is more difficult to disassemble the cylinder. Some machine operators have a simple operation method, which often results in thread smashing, cracking of the nut, or even damage of parts or scrapping of the injector. The correct method of dismantling is: when the pipe and other connectors are removed, clean the fuel injector and cylinder head with kerosene, or spray a small amount of bolt loosening agent, and then use a copper rod (without boring head) to cut along the radial circumference. In the direction of the left and right hit the fuel injector, so that the injector rotates, then tapping on the side while using a hammer, pay attention to the crowbar head should be in the injector ear, if you kneel at the inlet, you should pad a copper Leather and other soft materials to prevent bruising the injector threads. 2. For fuel injectors with conical mats, such as 105 series, 6120 series diesel injectors, before loosening the fuel injector cap, remove the cone mat first to avoid the injector needle valve. When the body is clamped by the cone pad, it rotates with the fuel injector cap tightly, causing the positioning pin of the nozzle body of the injector nozzle to be broken, and even the position of the positioning hole of the injector body and the nozzle body of the injector body is cracked. For fuel injectors with locating pins on the housing, such as the Xichai 110 series diesel engine, before loosening the fuel injector cap, first turn off the injection pressure adjustment screw to prevent the nozzle assembly spring pressure in the nozzle. Under the effect of the external movement, the positioning pin generates a large torque, so that the positioning pin is broken, and even the pin hole is cracked. It is sometimes difficult to remove the residual part of the positioning pin from the positioning hole of the injector body. In this case, it is often necessary to install only one positioning pin or no positioning pin. In general, the injection needle body should not be fitted with only one locating pin when it is not in an emergency. Because only one positioning pin is installed, tightening the injector cap tightly, the injector needle valve body may rotate around the positioning pin so that the injector needle valve and the injector housing tappet hole are easily misaligned. Once misaligned, the force of the nozzle tappet acting on the stem of the needle valve can easily generate a certain radial component. In light, the needle valve is prone to block when it moves up and down in the body of the needle valve. At the time of debugging, it may barely maintain normal, but the potential hidden dangers cannot be ignored. In severe cases, the needle valve moves up and down in the body of the needle valve. Dripping may occur during debugging. If the needle valve body is not grooved, when the positioning pin is not installed, the fuel injection needle body oil passage hole and the oil injector housing oil passage hole may have a large misalignment, although the diesel fuel combustion will not be affected, but the oil passage The smaller cross-sectional area of ​​the hole will have a certain influence on the amount of fuel injected. 3. Injection pressure adjustment screw The surface roughness of the lock nut is not the same on both sides. For example, in the injector of the 4125 series diesel engine, the surface with a small surface roughness should be attached to the injector housing. In this way, the effective contact area is large, the braking effect is good, the ability to prevent the loosening of the screw is strong, and the locking is reliable. 4. The metal rod slit type filter element (such as 135 series diesel engine) and the metal spring slit type filter element (such as Tiandong 146 series diesel engine) in the fuel injector needle body annular oil inlet should be Thoroughly cleaned, it should never be dismantled. Practice has proved that the filter element prevents mechanical impurities from entering the coupling and prolongs the service life of the coupling and prevents the needle valve pad from having a certain effect. 5. For injector nozzle lift adjustment screws, such as injectors for Series 146 diesel engines, the lift adjustment screws should be turned off before fitting the nozzle assembly to avoid the injection nozzle assembly tightening the injection. When the mouth is tightly capped, needle valve lift adjustment screws and other parts are deformed. In addition, when the nozzle assembly is installed in the injector cap, the notch on the flange of the injector needle body and the positioning pin on the cap must be aligned, and the injector plate and the valve body should not be disengaged. 6. For the porous, elongated, multi-hole nozzle assembly with an assembly mark, it must be marked so that the marking of the injector needle body aligns with the marking of the injector housing. When the substitute is unmarked, it is generally possible to assemble the nozzle at the position where the nozzle has a high position and to handle the positive injector oil inlet connector. It is also possible to test the signed fuel injection nozzle assembly on the fuel injector tester, note the injection position of each hole, and assemble the unlabeled coupling parts. 7. The contact surface of the injector housing with the injector body should be smooth, clean, free from carbon deposits and scratches. Clean up when there is coke. When there are scratches, the light should be ground, and the heavy ones should be grinded after being ground on the surface grinding machine (Note: The deviation of the perpendicularity of the plane from the thread center line must meet the technical requirements). 8. Before installing the fuel injector assembly on the cylinder head, inspect the copper cone or gasket. If the deformation is too large or there are other damages, replace it and clean the surface of the injector seat hole to remove the carbon deposit and other impurities. Things to ensure the seal. When the injector is reinstalled in the seat hole, it should be noted that the positioning groove on the fixed pressure plate must be aligned with the positioning pin of the positive injector. When tightening the two fixing bolts, the force should be uniform and the tightening torque should be consistent. After tightening, the protruding amount of the lower cone surface of the nozzle body in the copper cone (generally 0.3 mm) should be checked, and the projection amount of the tip of the injector body (usually 0.15-0.85 mm) in the lower plane of the cylinder head is in compliance with the regulations. In order to avoid the temperature of the needle valve and the nozzle body increasing, the power and economy of the diesel engine are reduced. When the above-mentioned amount of protrusion does not conform to the regulation, the adjustment pad above the copper cone (or sealing gasket) should be increased or decreased, or it should be adjusted by replacing the copper taper (or sealing gasket). Inspection and adjustment of the above-mentioned extension amount is a maintenance item performed after the injector and the cylinder head are removed from the diesel engine at the same time. If only the injector is removed for maintenance, attention should be paid to each injector, copper cone (or gaskets) and adjustment pads above them should not be installed incorrectly during assembly to ensure that the taper and tip extensions of the nozzle body meet the requirements.

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