Let the flock safely winter

First, to ensure the supply of quality forage. In winter, sheep are mainly used for feeding. Therefore, the purchase and supply of high-quality forage grasses are the basis for the safe wintering of sheep. In addition to silage of corn stalks in the fall, sufficient forage grasses, peanut pods, soybean stalks, corn stalks, and other forages should be stocked. These types of hay can be crushed, mixed, and fed to the sheep. At the same time, feed the appropriate amount of carrots, cabbage and other juicy feeds. In winter, the daytime is short and the night is long, and there should be grass supply in the evening trough.
Second, supplement fine material. In addition to allowing sheep to eat enough forage, each adult sheep should be supplemented with 300 to 500 grams of concentrate each day. Concentrate formula is: corn 65%, soybean cake 20%, wheat bran 11%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 2%, hydrochloric acid 2%. When feeding, the sheep can be mixed evenly with the crushed hay, or the grass can be fed first and then the concentrate can be fed.
Third, pay attention to keeping warm and cold. Before going through the winter, it is necessary to carry out thorough maintenance of the sheep house, including the roof, the wall, the ring gate, plug loopholes, to prevent the thieves wind, in order to play the role of cold and warm. Remove the existing sheep manure, sterilize the sheep house and put new soil and bedding on it. The grass should be thick to facilitate the absorption of urine water and moisture. Check the sheep house at night to prevent the wind from scratching the windows and doors.
Fourth, drinking warm water. Sheep should be given warm water in the winter. Because the water temperature is too low, the sheep do not want to drink, which can easily lead to insufficient drinking water. Drinking ice and drinking water not only consumes feed conversion energy, reduces feed utilization, but also causes pregnant abortion. Drink 2 to 3 times a day, drinking water can be appropriate to add some bran, salt or mixed concentrates to promote sheep drink more water. The water in the sink must be finished.
Fifth, strengthen sports. When winter can't be grazing, the flock should be artificially driven away. Moderate exercise can not only enhance the sheep's resistance to disease, cold resistance, but also enhance the appetite of the sheep.
Sixth, do a good job of health and epidemic prevention. Sheep dung should be cleaned once a day, in time for soil, bedding. The trough and sink are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The internal and external environment of the sheep house is completely disinfected once a month.

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