Process for making yellow wine from sweet potato

Rice wine is made from grains, sweet potatoes, etc., as raw materials, which are brewed by cooking, saccharification, fermentation and pressure filtration. 1, the characteristics of rice wine brewing: 1 used in the saccharification and fermentation of wheat and rice wine medicine, or from pure cultured wheat, rice, bran, and bran. By a variety of mold, yeast and bacteria in the role. These various saccharification and fermentation agents, complex enzyme systems, metabolites of various microorganisms and their various effects in the brewing process make the yellow wine have a special color, fragrance and taste. 2 Rice wine fermentation is an open-type, high-concentration, relatively low-temperature, long-term saccharification-fermentation-parallel type, so the fermented mash is not easy to be rancid, and it can obtain quite a high degree of flavor and flavor. 3 new wine must be sterilized, and after a certain period of storage, can become aromatic mellow wine. 2. Raw materials and tools for making rice wine: 50 kg of fresh sweet potato, 7.5 kg of Daqu (or distiller's yeast), 100 grams of Chinese zanthoxylum, fennel, dried tangerine peel and bamboo leaf, 1 prepared small mouth water tank, 1 long wooden stick, cloth pocket 1 item. 3, process flow: selection of cooking - plus music ingredients - fermentation - pressing - storage 4, process operating points: 1 choice of ingredients for cooking: choose a high sugar content of fresh sweet potatoes, washed with water after drying Cook in a pot. 2 Addition of ingredients: Pour the cooked sweet potatoes into the jar, mix them with a wooden stick, and then mix the seasoning with pepper, fennel, bamboo leaf, dried tangerine peel, and mix with 22 kg of water to cool the seasoning water and then crush it. The powder mixes are poured together into a jar with sweet potato puree and mixed into a thin paste with a wooden stick. 3 Fermentation: The plastic cylinders shall be covered with the ingredients, and the cylinder ports shall be sealed, then placed in an indoor fermentation at a temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius, and stirred once every 1-2 days. During the fermentation, the bubbles in the potato sauce continue to overflow. When the bubbles disappear, they must stir repeatedly until they have a strong taste of yellow wine. When a clear wine juice appears in the upper part of the tank, the fermentation tank is moved outside to make it very quickly. cool down. The rice wine produced in this way not only tastes sweet, but also has a good taste, otherwise, the yellow wine produced has a sour taste. Before fermentation, 1.5 to 2.5 kg of white spirits can be added to the tank before the fermentation, and then the material is poured. The length of fermentation time is not only related to temperature, but also directly related to the quality and quantity of wine. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the temperature of the slurry in a timely manner in the fermentation. 4 filter pressing: First wash the cloth bag with cold water, wring out the water, and then put the fermented material into a bag and squeeze it on the press to remove the residue. When squeezing, it is necessary to constantly poke in the slurry with a wooden stick to press clean. The conditional plate and frame filter press can be used to separate the rice wine liquor from the lees. The filtrate is then clarified at low temperature for 2 to 3 days, and the supernatant is aspirated and incubated at 70-75 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes in order to kill the yeast and bacteria in the liquor, and the precipitate in the wine is coagulated and further clarified. Allows the body to be fixed. After the wine is clarified, it can be bottled or sealed in the altar and stored for 1 year.

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