Multifunctional Laser Tattoo Removal Elight+IPL+RF+ND YAG Laser

  • Model NO.: E-light03P
  • Theory: IPL
  • Portable: Portable
  • Three Handpieces: Elight&RF &Laser Handpiece
  • ND YAG Laser Energy: 40mj to 2000mj
  • Lamp Longevity: 500,000shots (Shr); 100,000shots (E-Light)
  • Cooling System: Wind+Water+Semiconductor Cooling
  • Certificate: CE
  • Specification: CE
  • Type: IPL Skin Rejuvenation
  • Application: Salon, Clinic, Hostipal
  • Display: 8.4 Inch Touch Display
  • Power: 2000W (Elight ); 1000W (Laser)
  • Energy: 1-50j/Cm2(RF) 1-50j/Cm2(Elight,IPL Shr ,SSR)
  • ND YAG Laser Longevity: 2,000,000 Shots
  • Shot Period(Frequency): 1-10Hz ( IPL and Laser)
  • Trademark: MB
  • Origin: Beijing, China
Multifunctional Laser Tattoo Removal Elight+IPL+RF+ND YAG Laser
Multifunctional Laser Tattoo Removal Elight+IPL+RF+ND YAG Laser

1 .Functions of IPL+E-light +SHR+SSR+RF+ND YAG LASER 6 in 1 multifunction beauty system,
1) Applications of IPL,Elight,SHR ,system,
hair removal ,skin rejuvenation ,shrink pores ,
photo rejuvenation acne treatment and vascular lesions,
skin tightening, face lifting and body shaping ,
pigment removal :epidermis speckle ,fleck aging spot ,chloasma etc .
2) Application of SSR ,RF system
It is mainly dealing with both face and body skin lifting . wrinkle removal . skin tightening .body contouring shape .
3) Application of ND YAG laser system is mainly dealing with all kinds of tattoo removal .
2.Technology Parameters of 2015 New design Portable IPL+E-light +SHR+SSR+RF+ND YAG LASER 6 in 1 multifunction beauty system,
Display 8.4 inch color touch display (Elight +IPL+RF)
three Handpieces E light handle by 12*30mm or 15*50mm with 5 filters
RF handle for both body and face treatment
Laser handle with 1064nm and 532nm for all kinds of tattoo removal
1320NM black doll soft laser skin whitening head for your option
480nm-1200nm for acne , vascular lesion .
530nm-1200nm for red face,red nose,spider veins,skin rejuvenation,wrinkle Removal
590nm-1200nm for pigmentation removal,age spots,sun spots,pigmentation troubles
640nm-1200nm for hair removal ,depilation
690nm-1200nm for breast enhance hair removal
430nm-1200nm for acne (option)
560nm-1200nm for skin rejuvenation(option)
755nm-1200nm for hair removal on dark skin(option)
Energy 1-50J/cm2(RF) 1-50J/cm2(Elight,IPL SHR ,SSR)
40MJ to 2000MJ (ND YAG LASER)
Pulse width 0.1-9.9ms
Pulse number 1-99
Pulse delay 1-99ms
Shot period(Frequency) 1-10HZ ( IPL and Laser)
Lamp longevity 500,000shots
Cooling system Wind+water+semiconductor cooling
Power 2000W (Elight ) ; 1000W (Laser)
Language English,Spanish,France .Italian ,German,Chinese
Package include
1. Laser handle X 1
2. E-light Handle X 1
3. RF Handle
4. Filter X 5 , RF head X3
5. IPL and laser Protective Goggles X 4
6. Foot switch X 1
7. English manual/instructions
8. Funnel x1

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