Autumn cowpea field management

Autumn cowpea has a high temperature during seedlings and low temperatures during the pod stage. You must do a good job of field management in order to get more beans in front of the frost. 1. Cultivator. Before the emergence of the scaffolding to dig spasm within 20 days, in order to promote root seedlings, weeding can not hurt the roots, after the rain in time to loose soil permeability. 2. Watering. The first day after sowing, the top of the seedlings was poured with water, which generally appeared 7-9 days later. After 20 days, watering was done and then weeding. Seedling watering mainly for moisturizing and cooling, water management should be "dried wet," watering less flowering, watering more tender harvesting season, high temperature season to pour water, long water to 3-4 cm when sufficient water supply , After every 5-6 days pouring - secondary water. 3. top dressing. During the whole growing period, cowpea top dressing 4 times, the first chase after banyan vines, generally mu compound compound or ammonium sulphate 10-15 kg, the second time after scab 10 days or so Mushi ammonium sulfate 10-15 kg , After every 10 days, even chasing 2 times, each time after the application of ammonium sulfate 10-15 kg. 4. Chemical regulation. In order to prevent leggy and promote lateral branch development, when the height of the vine is 30 cm, 150 mg of metoprolol and 0.2% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate may be sprayed, and the spray may be sprayed once when the vine height is 50 cm. Sprinkle 5-25PPm naphthalene acetic acid during flower buds to prevent falling flowers. 5. Pest control. In the flowering period, 20% of the inulin ester emulsion is sprayed 3000-4000 times to control the soybean meal; Anthracnose can be treated with 80% anthrax and 500 times of anthrax; the rust can be treated with 20% triadimefon 1000-1500 times. , Every 10 days, even spray 2-3 times. China Agricultural Network Editor

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