Guan Huangbai cultivation techniques

Phellodendron alias Astragalus, yellow pineapple, Rutaceae deciduous trees, high 10-20m, divided into two types of Chuan Huang Bo and Guan Huang Bo. Guan Huangbo mainly distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei and other provinces, bark thicker than Chuan Huang Bai, bark outer layer gray with a thick layer of cork, deep groove cleavage, the inner layer of bright yellow, brown twigs. GuanHubai fruit matured in October-November, after picking 10-15 days after flooding washed out seeds, dried or dried, placed in a dry, ventilated place. The north is usually sown in April-May, and can be used as a 1-1.3m wide and 15-20cm high rake. The sulcus width is about 30em. The wide ridge can be widened and spread. Soil cover 3cm, a little repression, keep the soil moist to facilitate emergence. About 20 days after sowing, Phellodendron seedlings emerged one after another. Autumn sowing is carried out before freezing, and field management at the seedling stage must be strengthened. The seedlings of Phellodendron chinense can be transplanted and planted one year later, and the colonization time can be from winter deciduous to sprout before germination. Plant spacing 3-4m. After planting for 2 years, apply fertilizer 1 time before winter and plant 10-15ks to strengthen the tillage and weeding. Guan Huangbo prone to rust, available 25% Triadimefon 1000 times, sprayed every 7 days, and even spray 2-3 times to prevent and control. Insect pests mainly include swallowtail butterfly, ground tiger, aphid, and cockroach, which can be sprayed with 90% trichlorfon 800 times liquid or mixed with bait. It can be harvested 15-20 years after the planting of Phellodendron chinense. Generally, peeling is easier in July. If it is not used, girdling can be used without significant impact on the growth of the tree. Generally, the age of 15-20 years Phellodendron can strip 17.5kg of Phellodendron officinalis officinalis, and harvest 15-30kg of fresh fruits. Due to the interests, Huang Bo was often subjected to illegal logging, coupled with deforestation and land reclamation, resulting in serious damage to wild resources. Phellodendron has been listed as a key plant protection resource by the state and artificial cultivation is imperative. Because Phellodendron can be used medicinally, it can be used, making artificial cultivation has considerable economic benefits and a wide range of social benefits. It is one of the preferred varieties for planting trees after returning farmland to forests and houses. China Agricultural Network Editor

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