Conventional insect-resistant cotton simplification cultivation techniques

Adopting cotton to simplify the cultivation method can reduce labor, reduce costs, and increase economies of scale. The lint yield target for this technology is 60-75 kg/mu in medium and lower soil, and 75-100 kg/mu in medium and upper soil. It is suitable for pure cotton and interplanting spring cotton in Shandong and similar ecological conditions. 1, species selection. Simplified cultivation requires that all vegetative shoots be kept and that the branches are not pruned. Therefore, in order to facilitate management, it is necessary to use insect-resistant cotton varieties with a relatively compact plant type, a developed main stem, and a relatively underdeveloped vegetative branch. At present, Lu Mianyan No.16, No.18 and No.22 etc. are more suitable varieties. 2, cotton field selection. Simplified cultivation has no strict requirements on the cotton fields. Both the fertilizer and the land can be used. However, the output targets should be different. Therefore, the cultivation and management methods must be different. 3, mechanical sowing. Artificial sowing was changed to mechanical sowing, and sowing was changed to sowing, filming to sowing, and filming at one time. The sowing date is around April 20, but should not exceed April 25. Seeds coated with fluff are used as far as possible, mechanical sowing, sowing volume 3 ~ 4 kg / acre, after sowing combined with plastic film covering spraying herbicide, no cultivator weeding. Qimiao once set seedlings. 4, suitable to reduce the density, increase the spacing. Simplified planting density can basically follow the original planting density. It is generally 3,000 plants/mu. The density can be appropriately reduced for fertilizers and watersheds, which is about 2500 plants/mu. However, the dry land should maintain a relatively high density, which is generally 4,000 plants/mu. No matter what kind of cotton field planting should be appropriately expanded planting spacing, generally row spacing planting, row spacing of 90 to 100 cm; size row planting, big row about 1 meter, small row about 70 cm. 5. Reapply base fertilizer and simplify fertilizer application. In Spring, one application of all organic fertilizers and 1/2 of chemical fertilizers is used as a base fertilizer. Top dressing should be carried out early. Otherwise, due to the continuous expansion of vegetative branches, field operations are very difficult. Fertilizer can generally be applied once in Shenglei period. In order to reduce fertilization, this fertilization can also be combined with cultivator soil. 6, simple pruning. In normal years, the entire growth period does not include vegetative shoots, axillary buds, and non-stick hearts. It is only applied during the appropriate period of time. Generally, it should not be later than July 25. 7, rationalization of tune. By using shrinkage to adjust the growth of cotton, the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of cotton are coordinated to ensure that the cotton is sealed on July 15-20. The final cotton plant height is maintained at about 100 cm. 8, to simplify the cultivator. In combination with fertilization at the budding stage of cotton, cultivator and soil cultivation are completed once and no longer cultivating.

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