Cotton seeds are most bogey peach blossoms

According to the data detected by the seed management department, the germination rate of some cotton varieties in recent years is only about 60%, and there is still a long way from the national standard for establishing the germination rate of 80%. From a large number of investigations, the reason for the low germination rate of cottonseeds is that the harvested peaches have not yet matured; the second is the acquisition of the “Humanity Flower” with a higher moisture content; the third is the collection of cotton belts with rotten peaches. Disease seeds; Fourth, cotton seeds are not fully dried into the warehouse; Fifth, contains some broken cotton during processing; Sixth, the coated acid cotton residue is higher; Seven is not strictly grading flowers; Eight is The proportion of autumn peach is high. Among the above factors, peach peeling has risen as the main problem. According to reports, the reasons for farmers to harvest peach blossoms are as follows: First, they are afraid of others stealing flowers in the fields; Second, picking peaches during the day; at night, the whole family can help strip flowers; third, peeling peaches has higher moisture content and can sell more wet flowers. Sell ​​less. The increase in the proportion of peeled peaches has formed a major public hazard to cotton seed quality and fiber quality. According to the research department's test, the germination rate of ripening cotton seeds was 95.5%, the germination rate of mature cotton seeds was 92%, the germination rate of semi-mature cotton seeds was 63%, and the germination rate of immature cotton seeds was only 14%. At the same time, the quality indexes such as fiber grade, length, strength, and number of turns of the peaches were significantly lower than that of mature cotton. Therefore, it is imperative that peach peeling be refused out of the acquisition of flowers. The quality of cotton seeds is related to the overall production of cotton, and the selection of good quality cotton seeds can lay a good foundation for cotton production. In order to improve the quality of flower collection, the following measures should be taken based on the experiences of various localities over many years. First, formulate preferential policies for superior and excellent flowers, increase the gold content of excellent flowers and flowers, and use favorable prices to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers for selling quality flowers. Second, reject "human affection" and peeling peaches for flowering. Flowers should be mature flowers that boil over 5 days. The water content of the flower is not more than 12%, and the water content of the cotton is controlled at about 11%. Third, the promotion of curtain drying, should not be basking on the ground, but can not be directly on the concrete floor basking, in order to prevent dull. Fourth, strictly grading flowers, and to do dried flowers dry storage. Before and after October 20th, the flowers and autumn flowers can only be purchased as commodity flowers, and must not be planted. Five, selected cotton, processing coating, out of poor cotton.

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