Eye Ointment Tube Good Quality Cosmetice Aluminum Tube

Printing Color: 1-8 Colors
Materials: Abl(PE/Al/PE). Pbl(PE/EVOH/PE)
Caps: New PP
Volume: 2.5-500g/Ml
Usage: Medicinal Ointment,Shampoo,Body Wash, Cosmetics,to
Trademark: OEM, ODM
Transport Package: Paper Carton
Specification: Volume 5ml - 500ml
Origin: China
HS Code: 761210
Cosmetic Packaging Aluminum Plastic Laminated tubes for Pharmaceutical packaging,Hand cream, Skin Care,Cosmetics

Beauty Sky is a professional and reliable supplier for Collapsible aluminum/Laminated tubes & exporting other packaging products for some current clients, including Plastic bottles, Plastic tube, paper box.

AL-Plastic laminated toothpast tubes
Product Specification
Thickness 180, 200,220, 250,275μm
Diameter 16,19,22,25,30,35,40,45,50,60 mm
Volume 5-500ml
Length Customized
Body Transparent, colored
Cap Colored, transparent; Screw, Flip-top, etc.
Print Offset, silk screen, hot stamping , labeling, etc.
Tube Shape Round, Oval, Flat, Super Flat, etc.
Usage Medicinal ointment,shampoo,body wash, cosmetics,toothpaste,pigment, food,glue,
Brand OEM ODM Customized
 Eye Ointment Tube Good Quality Cosmetice Aluminum Tube
Aluminum-plastic Tubes for Toothpaste packaging tube
Laminated tubes or plastic laminated tubes.
The thickness of the tube-skin is 250u. For the special specification, we can customize according to the requirements of our clients. What's more, we can provide different kinds of cap for fitting the tube.

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) refers to a substance or substance combination used in manufacturing a drug product. API also refers to the active or central ingredient in the product which causes the direct effect on the disease diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure. While API is the active component of a drug, excipients are the inactive or inert substances present in a drug.

An API starting material, usually a defined chemical property purchased in the market place or produced in-house, is used in the production of an API.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

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