Endo Box

Model NO.: KBB04B, KBB05B, KBB06B, KBB07B
Autoclavable: 121 Degree
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 1pc/box
Origin: China

121 ºC  Autoclavable
Order number Name Size Color option
KBB04B Large Circle 75X55mm Gray, Coffee
KBB05B Rectangle 107X49X55mm Gray, Coffee
KBB06B Square 60X49X55mm Gray, Coffee
KBB07B Small Circle 49X55mm Gray, Coffee

Endo Box

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Streptococcus thermophilus strain primarily use in DVS yogurt starter culture, and  package from 200u-1000u, relatively to make 1 ton to 5 ton yogurt. 

Cocci Spp

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