Four Dimensional Rehabilitation Traction Bed/Physiotherapy Traction Bed /Electric Rehabilitation Bed

  • Model NO.: YX-HSXJ-001
  • Folded: Folded
  • Trademark: SURECARE
  • Origin: China
  • Type: Whole-length
  • Contour Dimension: 2200mm*700mm*650mm
  • Specification: CE

Four dimensional multi-function rehabilitation traction bed can do spin, sidesway, yield and multi-direction flexible actions. Computer operation, Chinese display, animation tip, any assignment, owe force compensation, super force protection and loss force return and many other multi-protection. So, it is safe and reliable.
It is driven by low noise continuous current dynamo.
High quality glass fiber material
It can manual and electric and simultaneously.
We can provide paid low frequency therapeutic apparatus according to customers' requirements.
Cervical vertebra, lumbar disc herniation, acute or chronic lumbar joint disorder, sacroiliac joint dislocation, acroparalysis, artificial limb vertebral body fall off, etc.

Technology index
Alternating current220V±10%,50HZ
Traction distance0~500mm(manual operation250mm±motor-driven250mm)
Driven force0~999N(99KG)
Curative time 0-99minutesParalysis time0~9.9minutes
Anteflexion, stretch30° Horizontal rotation ±30°
Left right side pendulum±20°
Contour dimension

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