Blue Cap Sodium Citrate Vacuum Blood Tubes

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Medical Device Regulatory Type: Type 2
Medical Devices Reg./Record No.: Sxzz20152411361
Size: 13*75, 13*100, 10.25*47, 10.25*64 mm
Cap Color: Blue
Additive: 3.2% Sodium Citrate / 3.8% Sodium Citrat(1:9)
Normal Draw Volum: 1.8ml, 2.7ml, 3.6ml, 4.5ml
Application: Blood Testing
Packaging: 1200PCS/Carton
Maximum Vacuum Tolerance: 10%
label: OEM Available
Delivery Time: 25days Upon Order Confirmation
Trademark: Bettering
Transport Package: 1200pieces/ Carton
Specification: CE/ISO approved
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HS Code: 90183900
Our vacuum sodium citrate tube 1: 9 was Made of PET or Glass material, Imported additive, Which can reduce batch difference.
Details of the vacuum sodium citrate Tube(Vacuum blood collection tube)

Applicable to the checks for blood coagulation.
Designed according to the 1: 9 proportions of anti-coagulants and blood samples.
Ensure an accurate blood dosage and anti-coagulants quantity as well as the high precision.
Can also be used to the blood storage.

Attentions: During the Operation, do please care for the followings:
1. Soon after blood sampling, mixing it 5-6 times by turning the tube 180o.
2. Sampling the dosage as required to ensure the test accuracy.

3. This tube is suitable to fix the double direction flexible needles.

PT Tube is mainly used for the test of blood coagulation mechanism. It is filled with buffered

Tri-sodium citrate solution, and citrate concentrations of either 0.109mol/l (3.2%) or 0.129mol/l (3.8%)

Are available. The choice of the concentration depends upon the policies of the laboratories.

Care for that soon after blood sampling, mixing it 5-6 times by turning the tube 180°

We can supply you with following blood collection tubes:
1. Gel & Clot Activator tube with yellow closure for quick serum separation;
2. Clot Activator tube with red closure for quick serum separation;
3. Plain tube with red closure serum separation;
4. K2EDTA (K3EDTA) tube with lavender closure;
5. Sodium Heparin tube with green closure;
6. Sodium Citrate tube with Blue Closure for blood coaguation test (1: 9);
7. Sodium Citrate tube with black closure for blood sedementation test (1: 4);
8. Sodium Fluoride & Potassium Oxalate tube with grey closure for blood glucose test.

Product Feature: Our highquality tubes are featured with Safety, Accuracy, Convenience and Quickness. Save your time, improve your efficiency.
Cap color Blue
Additive 3.2% Sodium Citrate / 3.8% Sodium Citrate(1:9)
Specimen Whole Blood or plasma
Specs 13*75mm,13*100mm,12*75mm,12*100mm
Draw volume 1.8ml,2.7ml,3.6ml,4.5ml
Max. vacuum degree tolerance ±10%
Invert the tube for 6-8 times gently


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